This one word prompt was given today by WordPress and it struck a chord with me so will give it a try.

Life is a staircase. You take 2 steps up and you are feeling good, thinking you are gaining ground and then before you know it you are taking 4 steps backwards. But take heart, for  you will go forward again, and even going 1 step forward is still moving forward!

My daughter was thrilled with steps when she was younger. My husband and I remember being at a shopping mall with her and she was having the most fun going up 3 steps and back down 3 steps and back up. We thought she would tire out soon, but nope she kept going;  like the Energizer Bunny. If only I could take her shopping now and have her be thrilled with going up steps and down steps or riding the escalator up and down. No, we don’t need to buy anything Mom, lets just ride the escalator 🙂 That would be easier on the wallet and good  exercise. Well guess the escalator wouldn’t be exercise 🙂

Yes, life is like a spiral staircase, you don’t know what turns life is gonna give you. But as long as you are holding onto faith, love, laughter, hope and joy as you climb you will make it! And there may even be  some days where you take 6 steps in a single leap! SMILE at those days and smile even when you fall as you step up.( I know I am not the only one that has tripped up the steps) For as we all know, nothing wrong in falling, just make sure you get back up! And hey if you want to sit on a step and rest awhile, that is OK too! Maybe you will catch a escalator coming by 🙂

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