Moving to Italy!

11407237_818716801547142_5468341039084785933_n.jpg 534×960 pixels: Ponte Rialto and gondola at sunset in Venice, Italy. Love Venice but haven't been back in so many years. !!!Piazza San Marco (St Mark's Square), is the principal public square of Venice, Italy:

Good afternoon everyone! So did my title capture your attention? Did you gasp? LOL! Don’t worry, not moving to Italy….well at least not yet. I just decided this was an appropriate title. Today was the election for the Primary’s and if the results end up the same for the Presidential Election in November than this post may become true 🙂 and that is as far as my “political” post will go!

If you are looking for a place to put on your Bucket list, I highly encourage it to be Italy! Venice in particular! Let it put you under its spell as you ride a gondola and eat the BEST Gelato! You haven’t had Gelato til you had it from Venice. OH I can still taste it.

The other plus is you don’t have to worry about a driver’s license;  you walk, ride bike or operate a boat. I think I may be safer steering a boat. LOL! And I already am good at talking with my hands! Ok, so I don’t exactly have specific gestures that mean things,but I do use my hands when I talk. Italians have 250 gestures that they use! Yeah the tour guide didn’t quite teach us all of them 🙂

Well gotta go brush up on my Italian if we are moving next year 🙂 All I remember is “Prego”, anyone know what that means? No, it means more than  the brand name of Spaghetti sauce, Ha! We told the tour guide that is what it meant in America 🙂

14 thoughts on “Moving to Italy!

  1. It’s beautiful. I keep seeing pictures of Italy. I want to go so bad. I’m glad to hear you enjoy it there. As soon as I’m able, it will be my first European destination 🙂 Great title, I was jealous. I thought you actually were moving 😀

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  2. Yup it is beautiful!! But as far as moving goes, we may very well want to depending on the election BUT may be a little difficult to do. 🙂 Hope you can visit some day! Glad you enjoyed the photos!


  3. Beautiful pictures! As for the presidential election, I recently read that somebody in Canada posted a joking advertisement inviting Americans who didn’t like the election results to move to their community, and much to their surprise a lot of serious replies came back. What a circus we’ve got this year, and that’s all I’m going to say about it too.


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