The Magic of Book Spines

Did the title intrigue you? 🙂 Some of my blogger friends on here are in a poetry online course and their task for one day was to look at the books on their bookshelves and do a poem using the titles. I enjoyed the creativity that they spun with that and thought I would like to give it a try. I am NOT a poet, but thought it would be fun to use book titles. So I have tweaked the rules some since I am not in the class 🙂 I will write a short story based on the titles of the books. I wrote down the first 10 books I saw, well may have tweaked that a little, but here you go. Will see what magic happens.

The Penny was laying on the road feeling down on itself. All everyone sees is a old, rusty penny. If only they could See Me! The years that were the The Best of Me. I been laying here for quite awhile as The Distant Hours keep passing by, Someday perhaps someone will choose me for something special. As the SUN-SET another day passed.

The next day The Penny noticed something else , it was laying smack down in A Bend in the Road. Hmm…what could it be. 2 people were on the road Coming Home for lunch break and they spied The Letter in the road and bent down to pick it up and went on their way. Once again The Penny lay there neglected. Oh wait a minute something had fallen out of the envelope when the people were walking, it was A Locket! The Penny had seen something like that before that was in a special box on a little girls dresser. He was nice and shiny back then,as he laid beside the velvet box.  He loved to stare at himself through the big Looking Glass that was on the dresser and see his reflection.

OH he heard someone coming again. It was a old man leaning on a cane as he walked down the dusty road. He bent down and saw The Penny and The Locket. The Penny was holding his breath, what would The Choice be that the man would make. He picked up The Locket and The Penny quietly sighed. Wait, what was happening?  The man had actually sat down and was wiping his eyes as he looked at a picture in The Locket. What was he saying to himself?

“Oh Lora Lee how beautiful you were back then and still are to me! I miss you so! I can’t believe I found this, my heart is beating faster than it has in a long time!” At that moment the man picked up The Penny! The Penny was ecstatic as he heard the man say, “I always knew there was such a thing as a Lucky Penny! You are coming home with me and will lay you in a very special place right next to my dear Lora Lee’s locket; for you helped bring a piece of her back home to me!”


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