The Water Glasss….(not what you think)

I found this  poem today and had to share it.  Should have had it to share on my post, “But I am not dreaming!”  If you are feeling burdened and alone today, please share with someone. We were never meant to carry our burdens alone! We were created to need each other, to be there for each other, to not act like we have to be SuperMan or SuperWoman!

I saw a short story about a Professor that lectured a class one day on Stress and how we manage it. She stood in front of the class with a half  full water glass in her hand. Everyone thought she was gonna talk about the glass being half empty or half full, but she didn’t. Instead she asked them how hard they thought it would be to hold the glass. Well of course it looked easy. Who can’t hold a water glass? But try holding it up for a hour and your hand may begin cramping a little. Hold it for 8 hours and your arm will be numb! Go longer then that and see how you feel. That is how a lot of us deal with stress. We carry it by ourselves and never put it down and wonder why we get worn out!

Yes, you make yourself vulnerable when you share, and there may be those out there that don’t understand your struggles when you do share; but don’t let that stop you. Don’t let it stop you from releasing your pain and letting family and friends come around you to help lift the burden from you. No, they can’t totally take it away. We can’t stop the rain from falling on our loved ones, but we can be their umbrella to help soften the feel of the drops as they fall.

So I encourage you to put your water glass down today if your arm is growing numb from the weight, or be the one that picks up someone else’s water glass! And know that this post is challenging to me as well, sharing struggles is hard. My friend literally just challenged me this morning on this very topic.  I am learning that the water glass can be shared and I am so grateful for the “umbrella” I have. No one is meant to suffer alone!

3 thoughts on “The Water Glasss….(not what you think)

  1. I really like the water glass analogy – it’s a very clear way to illustrate the point. And it’s a very good point – in the story and in this post – even though it’s sometimes very difficult to do. This also reminds me to be so grateful to those friends and loved ones who take the time to listen (or read!). We all need those people and to be those people. Thanks for the reminder and a great story!


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