Flashback memories

Hello my friends! Yes, it is late afternoon, not my typical time for posting. Than again 2am in the morning is not my typical time either, like I did on Wednesday. I wanted to post something happy today, since Wednesday morning was pretty heavy;Β  I do really appreciate all the comments that were left and emailed and texted to me about my post. Sharing hardships is something not easy for me to do, but my heart was warmed ❀ Ok, now onto a smile from the past. Something that will bring a chuckle and you needn’t have been a follower for long with my blog to know that laughter is very important to me πŸ™‚ so ENJOY!

I work at a daycare taking care of 2 year olds and as we were doing circle time and singing children’s songs a memory flashed in my mind. Music is good at bringing memories back, isn’t it! We sang a popular children’s song and I remembered the time that I was so flustered I actually forgot the words to this song.

It was a bright sunny summer’s day and my boyfriend ( husband to become) πŸ™‚ was visiting me.. I took him up for the day to the summer camp I had worked at. I loved it up there in the peaceful mountains, with a beautiful lake. You feel like you are totally separated from the world and there is serenity. Well we came close to lunch time for thereΒ  was always good food at camp! A routine at camp after lunch is mail call, who doesn’t love getting mail when you are at camp. There was a rule tho, if you got mail, you had to sing a song. Now with the campers, they could sing all together, didn’t want to embarrass them too bad. They even could sing with staff. BUT when staff got mail sometimes the rules changed, and that staff member had to grace everyone with a solo.

Well wouldn’t you know that the last letter to be handed out SOMEHOW had my name on it. Now I was presently not a staff member, but apparently that didn’t change the rules as the director smiled and called me up front. I was extremely curious as to who would send a letter to camp for me when I wasn’t working there, and to no avail tried to grab it out of his hand.Β  Song first. He picked the song, a easy children’sΒ  song, I thought, OK I can do this, no sweat. Problem was my boyfriend was sitting as close up front as he could getΒ  grinning away. Meanwhile I was shooting daggers at my friends who were staff members being sure that they were behind this all. I made it halfway through the song and YUP forgot the words!! YES, I was RED as the director kindly said the words for me. I had sung this song million of times as a child, but yeah that is what happens when put on the spot and when you are young and in love!

I finished the song and grabbed the letter, NO STAMP!. I knew the staff were behind it! There was one sheet of paper inside and the words made me blush even more. “I just wanted to hear you sing.” and my boyfriend had signed it!!!!!!! I grabbed a pitcher of water from off the table as the Director shooed us out the door, for he didn’t want the campers to get any ideas. OOPS πŸ™‚ Chased him into the woods and yeah I remember running was a lot easier back then! Today I don’t run unless being chased, LOL!

That camp still holds a special place in my heart! It still brings me peace when I need it as I walk in the woods and visit the deer pen and as I sit by the shimmering lake. When I think of Cove Valley Camp I have to smile!



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