It is April, right??

  So to all of you having nice normal Spring Weather, can you please SEND it our way!!!!!!!!!! I bet Canada is even warmer right now! Is it  Colin? CRAZY weather! This would be why a co-worker was singing, “Do you want to build a snowman” yesterday 🙂 You know the song from the very popular movie FROZEN. NO, I WANT to build a sandcastle!!!! But 40 degrees is a little too cold to be building sand castles. I will say that we don’t actually have snow in my back yard, but it is around us. My sister woke up to it covering her yard and she doesn’t live that far away. They are calling for it here today and tonight. If it does, open your windows, you will hear me shout! 🙂

Have a GREAT SATURDAY everyone!! Maybe I need to drag my snowman decorations back out. Haha!


18 thoughts on “It is April, right??

  1. Hi JR – Nope! Not much Spring weather here. Our snow has almost gone but, whereas our normal temperature should now be around 10C/50F, we are hovering around 5C/41F (and dropping below freezing point at night). Have faith…. spring must be just around the corner! 🙂

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    • Ahh! Well I am not jealous then 🙂 but sorry you aren’t having spring either. Tho knowing you are having it in the 40’s and that is what our temp is hovering around also is a little disheartening for Canad should be colder, LOL! It was down to 22 degrees here last night.. But you are right Spring has to be around the corner, just need to find the right corner 🙂

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    • Haha! Ok, I been put in my place 🙂 BUT you see the problem is not with having to heat my house. My house is warm, tho I do wish we had a fire place. I love just watching the fire, that makes the cold nice. But anyway, the problem is plain stubborness, yes i know shocker! I WANT to wear my t shirts, flip flops,etc. Tired of layering up when I go outside. So yeah, wore t-shirt yesterday and was freezing when I got home. I know, no sympathy!


      • May I respectfully suggest the (rather) obvious: If you have a fire… light it. If you only have a central system… up the thermostat a degree (or two). If you have to go outside… dress for the actual weather, rather than the desired weather! It may well be officially spring here, but I still wear multiple layers, thick lined gloves and a toque (woolly hat), whenever we take Ray on his walks. 🙂

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    • Ok, so you all are making me feel guilty. Ha! You all have snow in your backyard but are smiling! I guess its good I did post my post tho, for you all have changed my attitude. But I still want to go outside in my flip flops! 🙂


  2. Sorry to hear you all are still getting snow! What a bummer. Especially when everyone is so ready for SPRING! Meaning flowers and warm weather! I think it is going to be in the 60’s here today. Time to bring out some board games and have some fun family time (again)! LOL!

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    • Yes, I LOVE flowers! 🙂 Almost as much as I love WARM weather 🙂 I did actually get myself out in the cold today tho and went shopping for Spring dresses 🙂 Yes, we should dig out the games again like we did with the blizzard. We have all been in the living room together tho watching the snow fall, for it is falling now. My daughter was taking pics of it 🙂 So yes there are positive things about snow in April, family togetherness to watch the weird weather 🙂


      • That’s nice that you all are having family time watching the snow fall. It has to be a little depressing to watch it snow in April. I bet you found some beautiful spring dresses! That sounds like fun!


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