What color would you choose?

Things to do with the color purple...:

Good afternoon everyone! It is a lovely sunny day here. Tomorrow and Friday they are calling for rain and next week snow flurries. Oh isn’t Spring Grand! LOL!

Read this book in the Daycare where I work and it stuck with me through the day. It is a OLD story, but a good one, that is why the book is still around 🙂 About a boy who colors everything you can possibly imagine! Simple story, and I thought of how cool it would be to take a crayon and go color the world!

What color would you choose? What would you color? Would you add some yellow like a sunflower to the sad little boy who just dropped his ice cream cone? Or some bright orange like orange Zinnias to the old widowed lady sitting on the bench. Would you draw some Pink Elephants on the computer screen for the solemn workaholic sitting behind his desk? And what about a lovely shade of green, like a 4 leaf clover for the struggling single parent working 2 jobs just to make ends meet. Would you draw some stars a magical shade of blue for the teenager who needs to be encouraged to keep shooting for the moon, and following their dreams?

Go! The crayons are ready! They are at your disposal. Go color the world and don’t be surprised if some of that color splashes back on you!

13 thoughts on “What color would you choose?

  1. Many years ago, I went into my husband’s office and did a bit of coloring on his white board, just for fun. He is a Cincinnati Bengals fan, and I drew a Bengal tiger eating the team’s next opponent (the Seahawks, so it was the bird’s head sticking out of the tiger’s mouth).

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  2. The world can never have too much colour. Whenever I am not in my work uniform — boring navy — I am in something colourful. In my pre uniform time at work I was affectionately known as the purple lady.


  3. I like this idea but I’d need more than one color crayon. Yellow for sunshine, blue for the sky, green for gardening, and all the other colors for flowers. I definitely need a box to color my world. 🙂 But, I’m pretty sure I can spread some sunshine today without any crayons at all – thanks for the reminder.


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