To post or not to post….

You know the times you write things and you look at them and think should I really post this, or should I not. Well that is what this one is, and after I write it here I may delete it with a click of a button, but than again I may not. Whichever decision I make ,hopefully it is the right one!

I feel at one time or another everyone can probably identify with what i am going to say. Varying degrees, but similar emotions. So if you are dealing with this right now, I hope this brings you some solace in knowing you aren’t alone. Amidst this pain remember the GOLD NUGGETS are out there! Sometimes we just need to look harder to find them!


B-Black and Blue on the inside- Broken wings

E-Earnestly trying to focus on the good instead of the bad. Trying not to let it overwhelm

T-Trust broken, trial by fire

R-Reaching out for hope amidst the pain

A-Anger, but controlling it, so it doesn’t poison you

Y-Yearning for all your questions to be answered

E-Embracing the ability to NOT build walls, for in the building of walls to shut out the pain, we shut out the love that people can give

D-Dying inside, but knowing its not the end! Determined to fly again!

Well its written and I still am debating about pushing the post button, but I have been told that pieces that come from the heart are sometimes the best pieces. I also feel its appropriate as Easter is coming and our Savior knows very much the pain of Betrayal. If you are going through this pain I am sending a HUG out to you with this post. The HUGS go out to the ones that feel like they been betrayed by God also. Where ever you find yourself, know you are loved and cared about and I hope that this post gives you the strength to keep fighting through the pain.

23 thoughts on “To post or not to post….

  1. Your post is from the heart, and I’m quite sure everyone who reads can relate to the experience at least once in their life. Thank you for posting. Know that you and all involved will overcome and are bigger than this betrayal! xo

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  2. I can relate to this. I think that many writers experience self doubt at least once in their career. Yet, we must be courageous enough not to give up.
    I once wrote a similar post when I wasn’t sure if I should continue blogging or quit.
    I finally decided to begin writing again and I won’t give up even in the face of discouragements.


  3. “Determined to fly again” tells me it all. You are an amazing lady and you will be make it through what you are going through. I’m pretty sure most people have felt betrayed by God, I think we don’t always understand where he is taking us in life and why things have to hurt so much. But I pray that God keeps you close, and reveals to you why you suffer and the good at the end of things. I have posts I have published and then made private on second thought. And every once in awhile I write something up that is just for me and just publish it personal because it isn’t a thing you share. Sometimes I have found when we are willing to show how human we truly are, other people are very drawn to that authenticity and it helps them a lot. It’s all up to you. Happy Easter JR! 🙏🏻💕

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    • Oh Mandi thanks so much for your sweet words! They touched my heart!! Yes, I don’t understand everything I go through, but sticking close to God is what holds me together! I do know a lot turn away when struck with hard things and I don’t blame them it is tough to not understand. I just am so glad that HE holds me up and he teaches me to keep trusting when to simply trust is the hardest thing of all! Happy Easter to you and hugs and ❤

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  4. I understand the sentiment about whether to post something or not, but this is great. PLEASE don’t delete it. It spoke to both my heart and soul and I’m sure it will touch many.


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