The Sound of Silence

I decided this would be an appropriate song for today. I woke up with no voice, so this song has been going through my mind all morning. It is a mystery as to how long my voice will be gone. Could be 3 days, could be 7 days! I really am not looking to break any records and have it longer this time! For when my voice goes it really goes, there is no hoarseness about it, it is totally silent! Just a whisper!

My voice gives me no warning before it leaves and comes back with no warning! I can be whispering and all of a sudden my volume has increased 🙂 This first started back in 1990 when I lived down in South Carolina with a group of friends. Needless to say, they did enjoy the times my voice left me. Being a group that played a lot of jokes, this gave lots of opportunity! The one time that always stands out to me is when we were all walking in downtown Charleston. 2 certain guys in our group,  who will remain nameless started saying in loud voices., “50cents to see the midget!” , yes they would point at me! No, they didn’t make any money, LOL! But there was a older lady who did stop and patted me on the head saying how she would pay more than that to see me!! For those of you that may be new to my blog, I measure in at the grand height of 4’10 and 1/2. 🙂 I was 19 at this time and I did not blame the sweet, old lady. No, the daggers in my eyes were meant for the 2 nameless guys. LOL!

When we were married and I lost my voice for the first time my hubby found it humorous as well. Now if I felt sick with it, it would be different, but I don’t. So this morning he gave me a big smile as he left for work. Tho he will admit that if it gets too long, he does miss it! 🙂

So we will see what happens, for now enjoy the song and give out a little yell for me. 🙂


15 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence

  1. Anybody who was not “around” in the 1970’s may be interested to know that S of S was written before Art Garfunkel became involved and the commercial version which most people know was recorded. Paul Simon originally wrote it as a solo piece (Ref. Paul Simon Songbook LP)

    Sometimes, the original, and non-commercial, version sounds just right. 🙂

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      • I didn’t mention Paul Simon’s solo version. I didn’t know anything about it. When I said I liked both versions, I was talking about the first hit version by Simon & Garfunkel as well as the new hit version by Disturbed. 😉

        Another song that comes to mind is “Silence is Golden.” That may actually be the one you remember me talking about, because I was aware that the hit version by the Tremeloes wasn’t actually the original version. It was originally a B-side song from Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.

        The Sound of Silence is indeed Golden. Hahaha! 😉


  2. How do you lose your voice? I am new around here so I don’t know if you have shared it before, tell me please… Your hubby sounds so sweet! I wish mine would be the same.. haha 😉


    • HI!Welcome! Glad you found my blog. It is basically laryngitis, but mine is caused by allergies. My allergies flare up and cause inflammation in my vocal chords. It doesn’t make my voice hoarse, it totally makes me unable to talk above a whisper. Thankfully was only gone for 3 days this time. Awww! thanks for the nice words about my hubby, Yes he is sweet 🙂 Wish mine could rub off on your hubby 🙂

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