What if??

Good Morning! It was dark this morning as my kids got up for school, that is what I don’t like about Daylight Savings Time!  I also don’t like losing the extra hour of sleep, LOL!

But wouldn’t it be cool if we could “Spring Forward” more than a hour in our lives?? Like you are stuck in a traffic jam and you push a button that says Spring Forward and Voila, you are at home on the couch with your feet propped up 🙂 Or you are stuck in the line at the grocery store with tons of groceries. Push the button on your phone and Voila, you are at home, groceries put away and you are  eating a already prepared  supper 🙂 Seriously, someone needs to start working on this. These things would be much better than losing a hour of sleep!

Especially for the even bigger things in life! You dread that meeting with your boss….Push the button, meeting is already done and you got a raise 🙂 In the middle of a argument ; with the push of a button argument is done and everyone feels fine! And the list goes on and on. Yes, Springing Forward in Life can sound very tempting at times! And with the moments that you don’t want to go past you push Pause; you are stuck in the moment for as long as you want. 🙂

What moments in your life  do you want to push Pause on? Or are you at the place where right now you want is  to Spring Forward in life as much as possible! Where ever you are at, I hope you can have a great start to the week. A great start, even if your Spring Forward button isn’t working.

17 thoughts on “What if??

  1. This time change thing is, actually always, screws up my body clock. I wake up earlier than ever before and want to go to bed earlier. They say it takes 3 weeks for a body to get accustomed to the change. Seems to take my body longer. Your spring forward button sounds like a great idea. I would like to have one that springs me forward past this time change thing. Maybe, just maybe, we can abolish the time change thing altogether! Do you like the time changing twice a year?

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  2. Have you ever seen the movie ‘Click.’ It’s an Adam Sandler movie in it and it’s actually very well done. He goes to the ‘beyond’ section in Bath, Bed, and Beyond and meets this old guy played by Christopher Walkan and Walkan gives Adam Sandler a remote for his life. So, Sandler starts to fast forward through life, first little things, and then through bigger things. The problem is the remote conforms to your ‘autosets’ in a sense that, if you keep ‘fast forwarding’ through events in life it starts doing that without you telling it do that. It is a play on the ‘scrooge’ character in a way. Anyways’ my point is I think each moment we go through in life is important, and we are meant to be where we are. If we fastforwarded we would miss important things in life such as Adam Sandler did on this movie. Even if it’s being stuck in traffic, a slow day at work, or it’s taking too long to get your hair done, we learn to be patient, and that their are times we won’t be waiting, and things will be going too quickly. Great post!

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    • Great thoughts and you are right!! We can learn things even from the moments that we don’t like! Thanks for sharing! And yes I did see it, but honestly had forgotten it til you mentioned it!


  3. I used to wish for a fast forward button a lot! Not so much now; I’ve gained more appreciation for being in the moment. It would be nice if we could fast forward and learn patience in our sleep, but I suppose that would defeat the purpose!

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  4. A fellow blogger referred to this springing forward and falling back as a ‘hangover.’ That is exactly how I feel both times and wish they would just pick one and stay with it. If I had a remote that would spring forward, I’d give it to a friend who is currently going through chemo and radiation so she could magically come out the other side.:-)


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