The story behind the 6 word story :)

Diving the Great Barrier Reef: 15 Breathtaking Photos: Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, #Australia by Scott Sporleder. The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest organically formed structure. #travel:   Beautiful isn’t it! This is The Great Barrier Reef in Austrailia! My nephew was snorkeling there this week and shared about it on Friday and that is how my mind thought of Friday’s 6 word story. We create barriers and miss beauty! 

The word Barrier just stuck in my mind and I thought about how if my nephew would have been too nervous about snorkeling he would have missed out on so much beauty! If he would have been too fearful about going to work in Antarctica for 5 months, he would have missed out on all the beauty there. I’m proud of how he has taken advantage of great opportunities!

So many times in life we let fear hold us back and worry, and they can be very real fears and worries. There is times when fear holding you back can be a good thing depending what it is, but more often we have to be willing to let go and embrace! EMBRACE the beauty all around us in spite of our worries about tomorrow! Don’t let our worries hold us hostage from experiencing life! Trust me I am telling myself this as well as you all, probably even more me, for as I shared there is a lot going on right now. A lot that has turned my life topsy turvy, but one thing I know is that there are ALWAYS blessings there for me to grab onto! That is what helps you keep going! BE THANKFUL and EMBRACE ALL THE BEAUTY that is still out there!

Yes my nephew found Nemo, but not Dory, she was lost again 🙂 You gotta watch Finding Nemo if you are wondering what I am talking about. Great movie for all ages!

A glowing cuttlefish, it actually changes colors!

  Just to clarify these aren’t pictures from my nephew, they are taken from Pinterest once again. He didn’t have a underwater camera with him, so he just embraced the Moment 🙂 and yes he really did find Nemo:)




16 thoughts on “The story behind the 6 word story :)

    • Thanks, but the amazing photographs are from PInterest. I mentioned that at the end 🙂 I LOVE Pinterest. But he really did see Nemo and amazing stuff. He didn’t have a underwater camera so he just enjoyed the moment and made memories. Honestly tho I say about Embracing the moment, diving and snorkling is one moment I don’t know if I want to embrace! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE how beautiful it is under the sea and would love to see it up close. But I have never been one too fond of going in deep water! But who knows, I may just get the nerve up someday and embrace it! 🙂 What about you?

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      • Hmm… I don’t know about having things swimming around me. I’m always terrified they’ll be a shark lol. But I might try one day with someone who’s done it before 🙂 Oh missed that part about Pinterest. Still I liked the post!

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  1. Wow 😍😍. I was about to ask if your nephew took those pictures, then I saw it. My! Nature is beautiful.
    Got a chance to view the once at a coral reef but from within a boat with a glass panel. Need to work up a boat load of courage to dive in. Your nephew’s got Nerve Joy! 👏🏽👏🏽


    • Yes Nature is AMAZING! I need to work up a boat load of courage also! My nephew didn’t get his courage from me I will say that! LOL! Viewing from a boat is more my style 🙂 That would be very cool also!


    • Thanks! And Yes LOVE pinterest! It has everything you can imagine! I go through it dreaming about all the beautiful places I want to visit 🙂 My hubby and I have been wanting to go to Australia since we got married. Will see if it happens! I just wish it wasn’t such a LONG flight!


  2. I have been praying about barrier I have up. They have been there are long time and serve no purpose exceot to ‘keep me safe’ , but there is nothing to keep me safe from.

    I do ask God to keep helping me with this and for the continued willingness to have them removed.

    Really enjoyed yur post, I haveneen thinking anout my own barriers for alittle while, x x x

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