Dropping the mask

Ornate decorative Venetian mask surrounded by a peacock! Gorgeous! A definite want for me.: https://sagmind.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/newmoonlibra.png

Good evening my dear readers! I am not sure how this post is going to go yet,so stick with me and find out 🙂 We all wear masks from time to time, its part of human nature. Don’t let them see the real me, don’t let them see my hurting side. Well this evening I am going to drop the mask a little . Don’t panic, I am not dropping no big bomb! Just wanted to be a little more vulnerable.

I remember reading a post about how vulnerable do we as bloggers get? How much of our lives do we really share? I think it varies, I don’t think there is a correct answer. But I would be interested in how you answer the question. How much do you feel is OK to share online?

I started this blog to share happiness, to bring joy, for I know this life is full of curve balls and storm clouds and I wanted people to be able to feel at least some sunshine from my posts; no matter how tough their life may be at the moment.

I will say it also has been therapeutic to me! I love sitting down and going into my fantasy world and creating happy stories that make me laugh and smile. Let me clarify that I do have A LOT to laugh and smile about. I LOVE my family and my friends! But just like everyone, there are times when the storm winds blow and at times you feel like Eeyore with the storm cloud above your head.

If you look around the internet you will find plenty of pop psychology sites where you can take a fairly meaningless test to decide which character from the universe inhabited by Winnie the Pooh (Hundred Acre Wood) you are. I don't even need to take the test because I already know. From a ridiculously early age I identified with Eeyore. In fact, the oldest surviving toy-based relic of my youth is a stuffed Eeyore.:

Lately our family has been enduring a storm and its going to continue for a little while. I value all your thoughts and prayers as we navigate through unknown territory that we haven’t gone through before.

Don’t worry I will continue to spread joy on here, for I won’t let this stop that. But there may be days where I don’t have a post and it could be just because the day got away from me or that I just could not focus on a post due to everything going on. I thank you for being faithful readers and to my blogger friends I thank you for the posts that brighten my day and warm my heart. And to everyone I thank you for your love and friendship. Like my Friday’s 6 word story said; Heart 2 Heart through Sunshine and Tsunami’s! And now you know the reason behind that 🙂 I will say to that I like to use allegory’s and you may be able to read in between the lines in some future posts, just all depends. That is just a way I have felt good about in venting, putting things in story form where the actions may be made up but the feelings behind them are real.

Blessings my friends!

19 thoughts on “Dropping the mask

  1. Hope the storm passes quickly, and their is clear bright and happy sunlight on the otherside. It is difficult to know how much to share. I don’t talk about people I know (unless they have passed on) using their name. I use a fake name or a capital letter like I did with ‘A.’ My Dad took offence when I first began blogging when I wrote that I felt like I was disappointing my Dad because I couldn’t work etc. It wasn’t even about him really but he was so angry. Sometimes, it is better to not have certain people who would take offence mentioned at all in your blog in a personal context. Sometimes you don’t let certain people know you blog. Certain people don’t understand writers write about their lives and that’s how it is . .. But there are certain bits you have to keep personal. My perception. Mostly, if I feel like I shouldn’t be writing something but I need to, I write it but keep it private. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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  2. When I am going through “the valley” I stop and look at all the people who are traveling the road with me. Sometimes there is a fellowship of many, sometimes it is just One. But it brings comfort to know that I am not alone.
    Praying for you and your precious family! 🙂

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  3. When it comes to details about me, I will share anything and everything. When it involves another person, then I must respect their right to privacy, and of course simply acknowledge the existence of different perspectives on any given issues. That is just basic courtesy.

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  4. I always appreciate when someone is real with me. I don’t have to know details of exactly what is going on because that is up to the person to decide whether they want to share it. But acknowledging that life isn’t always “pretty” is truth and it demonstrates an honest character when we can admit it. Hope you and your loved ones can find strength and peace in your hearts:)

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  5. I do the same with my blog — it’s a helpful way to gain perspective. Rather than complain about an unpleasant event, I take a step back from the personal view, and write a more general story or essay instead that places the topic in a broader and more useful context.

    Wishing you and your family a safe voyage through the storm…

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  6. This is what I have struggled with since I started blogging last September. I now have a Facebook page just for my blog and I have invited family members to like the page. I’m no longer worried about what my family thinks, but I do try to minimize the impact by using initials or fake names. Sometimes, if I really, really need to tell a story I’ll write the elements into a story just so I get it out.

    Here’s hoping you have many more Pooh days ahead than Eeyore days.

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  7. It’s such a personal decision / fine line when it comes to deciding what / how much to share. Go with whatever you feel comfortable with and know you’ll always be able to find support here! I so often look forward to your posts – just so you know, they definitely help! Sending positive thoughts your way ❤

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