Good Morning! Adele’s song is going through my mind now! 🙂 I love Adele! Anyway just wanted to say that I am back from Indiana. It was nice seeing family and friends again, even tho we were brought together by the loss of Brad’s grandma. Hopefully next time will be a happier occasion!

Short post this morning, as I am still trying to wake up! Just wanted you to know I haven’t disappeared! It is amazing how tired you can feel from riding in a car! I mean you would think that we sit in there doing exercises, nope, just sit and watch the road go by and you come home feeling like you ran a marathon. Anyone else agree with that about long trips? My dear hubby does all the driving, for he apparently wants to get to our destination without detours, LOL! With me driving, who knows where we may end up! It could be interesting. Tho with as often as we have made the trip to Indiana now, I think I could actually find it. Well maybe 🙂

Hope you all had a good week last week and are starting off Monday on a good note! Have a GREAT ONE!!

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