Dragon, Ocean and Star

Welcome to Monday my friends! Does the weekend really have to be over??? Hope this story helps kick off your Monday to a good start! Thanks to my friend Meg for the words!

The young lady was walking along the ocean deep in thought. The sound of the waves were calming to her soul. The vibrant blue of the ocean didn’t cease to dazzle her, even tho she had been at this Tropical Island for a week now she could never tire of the beauty before her. This was her happy place and she was beginning to wonder if she would ever go home.

Rising early the next day she was out on the beach before anyone else. The beach made it easy to be a morning person and catch the spectacular sunrise each day. After taking more pictures she sat on her lounge chair and watched the waves as they rolled in and out. Like the waves her emotions seemed to roll in and out also. In and out, up and down, like a roller coaster. Being at the ocean helped keep her emotions steady and that’s why she wasn’t ready to return home yet.

That night she was out as the stars in the sky shone bright, and her gaze fell upon one star that appeared to shine extra bright. “I wish I may , I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.” That childhood saying came back to her and she figured Why not wish upon the star, what could it hurt and as she did a twinge of excitement fluttered in her heart.

When she awakened the next morning that flutter of excitement was still in her heart. She chided herself, for did she really believe that wishing on a star would make her dream come true. She grabbed her chair and book and walked out to her favorite spot on the beach.

Hearing something as she as reading she looked up and her eyes widened in shock! What was that coming towards her!! It looked like….but it couldn’t be, could it?? As it got closer, there was no mistake, it was a dragon! Shouldn’t she be screaming and frightened? All she felt was a powerful intrigue as to why this dragon was moving closer to her. Once it got close enough to touch she reached out and patted his head, amazed at how calm she felt. The dragon purred, she never knew dragons purred. He laid down beside her and she felt content. Her kids would never believe this! This vacation was definitely turning into a vacation like no other!!

Amazingly beautiful Beach:

Once we said thunder was the old man of sky snoring, lightning was the old man striking a match, but now we only want him to weep so we tell him our stories in honest tongues. -Linda Hogan via She Sings to the Stars:

This dragon hatchling I definitely wanna see in my garden (or balcony respectively) ;):

If you haven’t realized yet I LOVE Pinterest! Isn’t this dragon cute? πŸ™‚


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