Sunshine Blogger Award


Good Morning! I rarely do these award things, but I liked how my friend Ameena did it by nominating all the bloggers that read her posts. I do the same, for all of you bring sunshine into my life by your posts. Enjoy and I look forward to learning a little more about you!

I also think this is appropriate to do today since today we are honoring and remembering the birthday of a man who brought a lot of Sunshine into the world by teaching about love and acceptance of everyone! Happy Birthday Martin Luther King!!!

1. How many days a week do you wake up in a bad mood? WELLLLLLL…..I wouldn’t say a bad mood but I am NOT a morning person! I don’t wake up mad, you just need to give me time before you start telling me things you want me to remember 🙂 I don’t jump out of my bed like my hubby.I tend to slide out of bed  and slither!

2.What are 2 things wrong with the world today, in 1 or 3 word answers?  Too much hate and no respect.

3. How strong of a swimmer are you? Don’t count on me to save  you! I made sure that my girls learned how to swim a lot better.

4. What kind of music is best? I LOVE music and really it depends what mood I am in as to what I like the best! The only music I do not like is hard rock and opera.

5. When was the last course you took? 2 years ago, taking a writing course on here. How I got started blogging 🙂

6. Do you work a regular job? Part-time Daycare Assistant of 2 year olds. Can be quite entertaining 🙂

7. Television or Fishing? Television, but if I have the option of just sitting in a boat as we cruise down a lazy river I would take that!!

8. Snowball fight or suntanning? If I can be on the beach, that RULES!! But if its snowballing versus just laying in my back yard or tanning bed, than definitely snowball fight. Even tho I will most likely lose, LOL! The skill is making yourself small enough to escape the incoming snow balls 🙂

9. How many languages do you speak? 1! But I do like to talk with my hands, no not sign language, my hands just have a language of their own when I am talking 🙂

10. Subject of your next blog? Well Tuesday is coming so it will be Tuesday’s Thoughts, which is thought provoking quotes 🙂 No, I don’t know the quotes yet!

11. Your age when you fell in love for the first time? 5 🙂 You can read about it in my post My First Crush .




Six word story fun!

So I know its not Friday when I usually post 6 word stories.  On Knotholes and Textures blog she posted about this fun contest.  Since I love 6 word stories I had to enter 🙂 Join in the fun and go to the link above.

Cards played. Taunting smile. Tissues passed.

antique playing cards - nana and Grandy's diamond wedding anniversary...idea? Their faces on old cards&frame?:                                                Joy. #blackandwhitephotography #happychild megastar media reviews

Your daily packaging smile : ) PD:

The Little things matter

We sometimes underestimate the influence of the little things. **:

Sorry for  no earlier post today and this one will be short and sweet 🙂 I hurt my thumb, nothing serious, just really sore!!! AND thumbs may be small but have you tried typing without one of them??? It is HARD! So never think that your thumb is any less important than your fingers. Try opening a can with a can opener and you realize how much you use your thumb! OUCH!

So for now this is my advice 🙂


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

25 Best Short Quotes That Make You Think:

Good Morning! So what song lyrics tell some of your stories? Feel free to share in the comments below. Today my song may be ” Let it Snow!” LOL! They  are calling for snow today and it would be the first snow we have had all winter which is abnormal for us here in the Northeast! I don’t like driving in snow, but I do like how pretty it looks when its falling and it does brighten up the day,we have had so many dreary, rainy days, so I say , Let it Snow! As long as I can stay inside and be warm 🙂

The quotes today are all anonymous, but thought provoking. ENJOY and have a great day!

1. “Once you accepted your flaws, others can’t use them against you!”

2. “A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.”

3. “Don’t judge me on my choices when you don’t know my reasons.”

4. ” The pupil in your eye increases by 45% when you look at someone that you love!”

5. “Don’t let your struggle, become your “identity”.

6. “Don’t underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more than I speak and notice more than you realize.”

7.”  Had to put in one to make you SMILE 🙂 I am not someone who runs at all, so this made me laugh! It is true!

8.“Talk to yourself, like you would talk to someone you love!” Brene Brown, (Ok this was too important to not put down, even if it is not anonymous. I think we all get too critical on ourselves and need to remember this.)


A Mother’s Love

This was a special gift given to me this Christmas by my dear, thoughtful nephew who collects coins. He saw this one, and thought of me and my love for my girls!  I am blessed with Awesome nieces and nephews! This coin came in a special keepsake box with a little card enclosed with it about the coin.

A shout out to all  Mothers out there who have a fierce love for their children and will see them through anything! Keep loving and being there for them, they may outgrow your lap rather quickly, but never your heart!

From the card: Displaying a special bond, a mother Asian elephant and her calf move together among other related females, and their young, under the direction of a matriarch. The elephant calf is born fully formed but is slow to mature. Requiring much care as it develops, its mother dedicates all of her time and love to her calf, and will only give birth again after her first born has been weaned. Highly protective, and ever conscious of her baby’s well-being , an Asian elephant mother will charge fiercely at any threat to her young calf.

This gift will always warm my heart! ❤ ❤


What would you do??

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, I am sure you have heard of the huge Powerball lottery going on. Now for my readers from other countries, I understand if you haven’t heard of it 🙂 So it is the highest it has ever been, the winner, (if there is a winner this time) will gain almost a billion dollars!!!! Can you even wrap your mind around that?? People who have never bought lottery tickets are buying one, for they figure what do I have to lose.

Are you planning on buying a ticket? Did you already, and were you sitting there anxiously Saturday night as the lucky number was drawn, only to find out the winning number was not drawn. Now the world waits in anticipation for Wednesday night’s drawing.

My question is what would you do with that much money?? Can you even imagine your life going from what you are used to now, to all of a sudden being a billionaire??

One of the definite things I would do is travel the world, so many places I want to see!!! The other definite thing is give away a lot of it, so many people and charities that I would love to help!!  Getting a maid would top my list to and my own personal massage therapist 🙂 But no I wouldn’t want a huge house, I get lost enough as it is. Can you imagine getting lost in your own house 🙂 Give me my house on the beach and a house in the woods and I would be content 🙂 OH hiring a driver would be cool also, no longer have to worry about parallel parking, or night driving. I wouldn’t hire one to show off; I would hire one to be safer. LOL!

Dreaming is fun, the odds are like 229 million to one and you gotta buy a ticket to even have a chance, soooo…. Did I buy a ticket, well I cannot tell a lie….You can fill in the blank 🙂 And tell me below what you would do if you got struck by lightning, I mean won the Powerball 🙂

Mars, Cowboy, Zest

Good Morning! Thanks to my blogger friend from Ponder The Relevant, my “Anything Goes” series is back. Feel free to give me 3 words in the comments below or a subject you want to hear about. Hope you enjoy this story!

It was a bright, sunshiny morning and Suzie opened the kitchen window to let the Spring air in. She enjoyed watching  the Black Capped Chickadee perched on its feeder. Some scarlet red cardinals were enjoying the feeder also, Suzie never got tired of watching the beautiful birds.

Zoom, Zoom! Landon had entered the kitchen flying around in his Superman cape. He was always full of zest, whether it be early in the morning or late at night,the boy never stopped! Suzie wishes she had a tenth of his energy!

As he sat eating his Lucky Charms, he told Suzie that he had big plans today. He was going to Mars! Suzie laughed and told him to make sure he was home by lunch time, she loved his imagination.

To Suzie’s surprise he kept going to Mars several Saturdays in a row. Usually his imagination would bounce from one thing to another but he seemed pretty stuck on this. When she asked him how his visit to Mars  was, he always smiled and said how much fun it had been.  How he ate warm Rolo cookies and drank sweet lemonade.

But this Saturday, her little Cowboy wasn’t going anywhere, he was sick in bed. She had called him her little Cowboy since he had been 3 and dressed up in a little Cowboy outfit looking so adorable. The poor thing now looked miserable! His temp was 102 and his throat felt like a porcupine was in it, he said. He really was upset about not going to Mars, Suzie assured him he would get better and be able to go again. As she walked out of his bedroom she wondered if her little Cowboy was going to turn into a astronaut!

Ding Dong! Now who could that be Suzie wondered, she wasn’t expecting company. She went to the door and there was a older lady standing outside. “Hello, is Landon here?” Suzie got a confused look on her face as the woman spoke, how did she know Landon?? She invited her in and noticed she had a platter of what looked like freshly baked cookies in her hand and a pitcher. Suzie smiled,  guessing that it was lemonade.

Oh how her little Cowboy brightened up at seeing Miss.Daisy; he didn’t talk long for he needed his rest, but Suzie loved seeing how they interacted. The mystery had been solved. He really was going to Mars on those many Saturdays. Miss.Daisy had a room in the house that she called Mars. It was a planetarium, for her husband had been a scientist and loved everything to do with Space. The room was named Mars, after his favorite planet.  Her beloved had passed away a year ago, but Miss.Daisy kept the room as it was.  Many days it brought her comfort to go in there and look at the stars and reflect on memories about her husband.

Miss.Daisy thanked Suzie for letting Landon come visit every Saturday, it was one of her most favorite times of the week. He brought joy to her and filled her with some zest for the day with all his entertaining talk. Suzie told her that she wanted her to come for supper once Landon was better, and Miss.Daisy invited Suzie and her husband over to see the planetarium. Suzie sensed that this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. It could be rewarding to get to know your neighbors at the end of the street.

Tuesday’s thoughts!

Good Morning friends! Winter has truly set in now, it is freezing today! My girls were not happy about having to wait for the bus today! May these quotes make your spirit feel warm and I hope you are warm inside today!

My dear blogger friend Ameena from had posted this  the other week and I was inspired to dedicate my Tuesday’s quotes to Maya Angelou. She has many wonderful quotes. So thank you Ameena!

1.“Don’t let people pull you into their STORM, Pull them into your PEACE!”

2. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

3. “No sun outlasts its sunset, but will rise again and bring the dawn.”

4. “We are only as blind as we want to be.”

5.“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud!”

6. “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!”

7.“Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Invite one to stay.”

8. You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have!”

9. “A desire to reach for the stars is ambitious, the desire to reach hearts is wise!”

10. "We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the change it had to go through to acheive that beauty." ~Maya Angelou:

Ok it was hard, but I do believe I have a favorite this time. Is it yours? Share and I will let you know 🙂 Have a Awesome Tuesday as you try to get back on schedule after all the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, hard I know. We need a holiday in January, February or March I think! 🙂