Spider, Guitar and Mace!

Yes, this is what you get when you ask your hubby for 3 words! LOL!  To the reader who gave me 3 word and Mom was one of them, do you remember the other 2? I forgot to write them down. If you remember or want to just try again, please comment below 🙂 And anyone else is free to comment as well, with their suggestions! I know you all are creative!

Brad was drumming away in his studio, perfecting his awesome drum solo. Chris came running in. He told him how he had bought the most perfect guitar. It looked so beautiful online that he knew he had to have it! He usually liked to play the guitar first before buying, but there was just something about this guitar that he couldn’t pass up. One thing was it had a glittery gold finish on it! His wife told him that now they just needed a Golden Goose! She could lay golden eggs for them as he strummed his golden guitar. . Chris looked confused; Jennifer said, ” You know, Jack and the Beanstalk and the Golden Goose!” Chris did not look amused. She still laughed, she was very proud of him and his talent. Brad and him made a good team and she was excited about their new recording that they were working on. Chris said this new Golden Guitar would make their new recording go GOLD!

A week  later the long awaited package arrived. Chris was so excited and he brought it right over to the studio so that they could start recording. He pulled it out and Brad was admiring it when he got a ring on his cell phone. Simultaneously Chris’s cell phone rang. It was their wives and they were very distressed! When they were coming out of the grocery store a guy tried to hold them up. Jennifer grabbed her Mace spray and sprayed while Joy kicked him and brought him to his knees. The police had got there in time to nab him so the danger was pass, but the wives were still upset. Practice got put on hold that night and they all had a movie night with popcorn and cheese puffs and tater tots 🙂 With comedies  that brought tears of laughter to their eyes their stress was melted away.

That week-end they all went to the beach,  which was very relaxing!  The wives made plans to someday purchase a beach house! It was decided when the guys recording went Gold they would purchase the house and the Golden Goose 🙂

Finally the guys were able to arrange a time to practice in the studio and Chris was able to pull out his brand new guitar. The wives were there for just a bit, before they left to take the kids to the Water Park. Chris strummed and it was perfectly in tune. He strummed some more and the music really was beautiful, but all at once a scream emitted from his mouth! Jennifer looked down at his hand and screamed also! 3 furry tarantulas were crawling out of the guitar onto his hand! Apparently his beautiful music had disturbed their peaceful slumber! Joy quickly grabbed her Mace can that she had purchased after their scary incident and sprayed it right on the spiders! It worked! They were instantly dead! After recovering from the shock and the guitar having been dropped very quickly they all sat in stunned silence.

Joy spoke up to break the silence…”Well you know the saying, “All that glitters is not gold!” That new shiny golden guitar has lost its appeal as it now sat in the corner and Chris picked up his older guitar, not as shiny and not gold in color, BUT he could guarantee you that no spiders were going to be crawling out of it!

11 thoughts on “Spider, Guitar and Mace!

    • Thanks!! And yes you will have to give it a try! Its fun, for I really am just as surprised as everyone else is with the stories. I don’t contemplate them ahead of time. I sit down, look at the words and type whatever comes to my mind 🙂


  1. Oh I knew where this one was going and I still shuddered at the thought of spiders coming out of a guitar! Ugh.
    That mental image aside (can you guess how much I love spiders?) this was a great story! Love seeing the different paths these take 🙂


  2. Eek! Something like that happened to my husband when he was in college, he made the mistake of taking a dresser that someone gave away without looking at it too closely, and when he got it back to his dorm room, great big ants crawled out of it.

    Here’s a different sort of word prompt for you — dragon, ocean, and star. 🙂

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