Snowed in!

The blizzard I talked about on Friday has hit and is going full speed! Baked oatmeal heated up the kitchen and brownies will be coming, as Eagles music fills the room. Watching a Eagles DVD in tribute to Glenn Fry the guitarist.

Last night we were watching Little House, my girls grew up on those shows, just like I did. I always thought their blizzards looked so cool and now we are sorta identifying with them. The inches keep rising at how much they forecast for us to get. They are now predicting that we could get 3 feet!  We already have a foot and a half. Can’t get out our front door. Our dogs are not sure what happened to their back yard, and not liking it too much! We had to laugh, for last night as it was snowing they were having fun going outside in it. Wouldn’t want to be out long at a time but kept wanting to go back out. Well this morning they got all hyper to go out. I had to shove open the back door as snow came in and they barely made it out the door, before turning back and looking at me begging to be let back in!

My great nephew had fun playing with snow in the living room 🙂 His sweet Mommy built a snowman for him inside where it was warm and the wind wasn’t blowing! It was what you would call a mini one 🙂 He had his first taste of snow also and wasn’t sure about it!

This snow may be a very epic one and as I begin a game of cards with my hubby, it will be EPIC if I WIN! So for now I will sign off from Winter Wonderland! Hope no matter how the weather is outside for you that all of you are enjoying a RELAXING week-end!

24 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Insane The Snow In New England Is :  Plum Island front door:   Our front door isn’t this bad, but its half of it!

fy-herdingdogs:    Cató the snowman by bjarkihalldors on Flickr.: NO, this isn’t our Sheltie, but very close to what she looks like when coming inside 🙂

Westie hiding:   and this would be like our Yorkie 🙂

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