A “Must Do” or a “No Way!”

For some strange reason I am awake this morning! I am usually not a morning person as I have said in other posts, but this morning I actually said a coherent good bye to my hubby. Ever since I posted that skydiving story yesterday the song about skydiving by Tim McGraw keeps going through my head! It is a great song, about getting the most out of life. So what do you think of sky diving? A “Must Do” or a “No way!”

My opinion has been  “No Way”, I can write about it in my stories, but actually doing it…I am too much of a wimp! I will say tho that watching some You Tube videos about it and seeing how thrilled people are when doing it and how beautiful the view is, did create some excitement in my heart. Plus my very dear friend did it on a landmark birthday and absolutely loved it!! But then I saw it,the video that I was like,YUP this is why I will keep my feet on the ground.

It was about a 80 year old lady who went sky diving for the first time! She was so excited but when the moment came to jump she was grabbing onto the sides of the door for dear life. She was bound to the instructor and he gently pried her fingers loose and she grabbed hold again! I had to laugh thinking how that would be so me!! Finally he got her hands in his and they jumped. But wait, she did a somersault and she started slipping from her harness! Yes, she was turned upside down screaming how if she survives this she will stick to Bingo for the rest of her life! I was shaking my head in disbelief and scared for her, but all turned out well! The instructor managed to hold onto her and this lady will never forget her experience!! Can you even imagine?

So who knows maybe by the time I am 80 I will be brave enough like this lady! My daughter said she wants to go Sky skiing! Apparently its a new thing still in process where you are tied behind a airplane and you ski, instead of being tied onto a boat and water skiing. I was looking at her in disbelief the whole time! I told her I would be cheering her on, but I wouldn’t be beside her! LOL! I can assure you she didn’t get her taste for adventure from me 🙂

The important thing to remember is whether you go sky diving or bull riding or hang gliding make the most of life! We only get one life to live, Make it as WONDERFUL as you can, even if that means keeping your feet on the ground and cheering the other crazies, I mean Brave ones on! 🙂

Skydiving!!!:                            Sky Diving Maroochy, Sunshine Coast:

Another shot from last weeks sunrise balloon jump,about 1 second later #lovegravity @Hurley Clothing @nixon_now @GoPro life - @Mike Tucker Tucker escamilla- #webstagram:

Skydiving (something I was supposed to do, and never did, with my Grandfather, before he passed):

11 thoughts on “A “Must Do” or a “No Way!”

  1. I’ve had a few friends who went skydiving. In the end they loved it — except for all the bugs in their mouths. But these are the same friends who love the scary rides at the exhibition and went on the rides on top of the stratosphere in Las Vegas. I don’t mind being up high. But I get vertigo. Great post.


  2. I have the “high place phenomenon” deal – I’m not afraid of heights per se but when I’m up there I feel the overwhelming urge to jump! I used to think I was crazy but thanks to Google I now know I’m not alone. Ah internet reassurance 🙂 Lol.
    All that to say I definitely want to try sky-diving! I think it’d be nice to be able to take that leap, just once anyway. But I want it to be somewhere absolutely gorgeous! I’ve had friends who’ve done it and loved the experience, so I’m definitely on board to try it out 🙂

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