Charrupa, Mountains and Photography!

Good Morning! Welcome to another edition of “Anything Goes!” Thanks to my sweet blogger friend for these words and to another friend last night whose text conversation may have inspired this a little. Hope you all enjoy! And as always feel free to leave your suggestions below. There is no way you can go wrong! 3 words or a situation. Thanks!

Kelly arose earlier than normal. She looked out the window as the sun was rising behind the mountains. If she lived here, she would never tire of the magnificent view! Her husband had picked this lovely resort as a birthday present for the BIG ONE coming up. How did the years pass by so quickly???

Since she was approaching the BIG ONE, she decided to be daring and do something she had never done before. She was gonna sky dive! She was beginning to have second thoughts as the time drew nearer, but her husband wouldn’t let her back out. In fact he said that if she did it, when he reached the BIG ONE that he would Sky Dive. Plus her friend Wilma, the World’s renowned photographer, was already there to capture the Once in a Lifetime moment on camera.

Up in the plane in the sky Kelly knew that she couldn’t back out, even tho the butterflies in her stomach were having a PARTY! Her family and friends were waiting for her down below, they were all ready for the birthday dinner afterwards. Charrupa cooking on the grill, roasted corn on the cob and a delicious cake designed like a mountain. For she had made it up to the top, now she headed OVER the MOUNTAIN ๐Ÿ™‚

3-2-1! With a very Spirited Yell she was out of the plane and she kept yelling the whole way down. But she was enjoying the thrilling sensation that was rushing through her. She felt as if she could conquer anything!

Her family and friends crowded around her with their cheers as she landed. She winked at her husband with a gleam in her eye, informing him that next year would be his turn! He could already feel the butterflies starting to arrange their party!

After the scrumptious meal, it was time for gifts. There was a envelope laying on the table that drew her attention,ย  for on top of it was sitting a plastic cup filled with a red gel and a little umbrella stuck in it. She opened the card and gasped as 5 airline tickets fell out of the card with a short and sweet note. All OVER the HILL MAMA’sย  need a relaxing break in the BAHAMAS!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly was speechless! She may have been unsure about this birthday, but right now her heart was filled with a Joyful SPIRIT and she felt spirited enough to jump out of the plane once more! In fact she had an idea, why not fly to the Bahamas and jump out of the plane landing on the beach! They all could do it together. She told her family and they all started backing away from her, as you heard 1 child whisper to another. “It happened, Mom totally lost it now!”

9 thoughts on “Charrupa, Mountains and Photography!

    • I had totally forgotten that but I do remember you sharing how much you loved that! Maybe I will have to do it for my next birthday. Than again, maybe not! I am a chicken, these feet have to stay on the ground. LOL! But I would enjoy watching you do it again ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Hee hee, great ending, that would be my kids whispering too! But of course, they’d go along on the vacation and jump out of the plane anyway, and tell their friends what fun they had.


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