A Mother’s Love

This was a special gift given to me this Christmas by my dear, thoughtful nephew who collects coins. He saw this one, and thought of me and my love for my girls!  I am blessed with Awesome nieces and nephews! This coin came in a special keepsake box with a little card enclosed with it about the coin.

A shout out to all  Mothers out there who have a fierce love for their children and will see them through anything! Keep loving and being there for them, they may outgrow your lap rather quickly, but never your heart!

From the card: Displaying a special bond, a mother Asian elephant and her calf move together among other related females, and their young, under the direction of a matriarch. The elephant calf is born fully formed but is slow to mature. Requiring much care as it develops, its mother dedicates all of her time and love to her calf, and will only give birth again after her first born has been weaned. Highly protective, and ever conscious of her baby’s well-being , an Asian elephant mother will charge fiercely at any threat to her young calf.

This gift will always warm my heart! ❤ ❤


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