What would you do??

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, I am sure you have heard of the huge Powerball lottery going on. Now for my readers from other countries, I understand if you haven’t heard of it 🙂 So it is the highest it has ever been, the winner, (if there is a winner this time) will gain almost a billion dollars!!!! Can you even wrap your mind around that?? People who have never bought lottery tickets are buying one, for they figure what do I have to lose.

Are you planning on buying a ticket? Did you already, and were you sitting there anxiously Saturday night as the lucky number was drawn, only to find out the winning number was not drawn. Now the world waits in anticipation for Wednesday night’s drawing.

My question is what would you do with that much money?? Can you even imagine your life going from what you are used to now, to all of a sudden being a billionaire??

One of the definite things I would do is travel the world, so many places I want to see!!! The other definite thing is give away a lot of it, so many people and charities that I would love to help!!  Getting a maid would top my list to and my own personal massage therapist 🙂 But no I wouldn’t want a huge house, I get lost enough as it is. Can you imagine getting lost in your own house 🙂 Give me my house on the beach and a house in the woods and I would be content 🙂 OH hiring a driver would be cool also, no longer have to worry about parallel parking, or night driving. I wouldn’t hire one to show off; I would hire one to be safer. LOL!

Dreaming is fun, the odds are like 229 million to one and you gotta buy a ticket to even have a chance, soooo…. Did I buy a ticket, well I cannot tell a lie….You can fill in the blank 🙂 And tell me below what you would do if you got struck by lightning, I mean won the Powerball 🙂


13 thoughts on “What would you do??

  1. Haha, what’s the worst that can happen right?!
    I mouthed the word “wow” when I saw the prize! I can’t imagine owning that kinda especially considering I have no plans. But hey, just in case you do win, don’t forget to Stop by for a visit 😀


    • Thanks! I am sure people would, but I would also make sure not to waste it. You hear of people all the time who struck it rich and then not that long down the road they lose it all cause of foolish spending! Like these movie stars, etc that go bankrupt. Just don’t understand!

      Loved your fireworks video from your one post. I had trouble commenting on that post.

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  2. I cannot even image winning that much money. It seems like it would truly be wonderful to win but would it really? A lot of lottery winners have said they wish they had never won the money because it has changed their lives for the worst. I think the first thing one would have to do if they won that much money is to hire a body guard (or two).


    • You are very right PJ, I was wondering if someone would bring that up for me and my husband talked about that. You would have to move for people would be coming out of the woodwork wanting handouts,that part would be hard. For yes I would intend to share the money like I said, BUT…I would pick who and what charity and it would be impossible to give to every stranger for they would just keep coming.


      • That’s exactly right JR! The winner will probably have to change their names and go into hiding. People would be coming out of the woodwork for handouts. Plus, they will have to live in fear for their lives!


  3. My friends and I have been going in on a pool together – kind of a way to ensure that we all win if anyone wins (I’d like to think we’d all stick with the concept – esp at over a $billion!). It’s been fun just daydreaming about the possibilities, and I really appreciate the fact that we all agree that a portion of the winnings would definitely go to charity somehow. It gives me hope 🙂

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    • Smart idea! Yes it has been fun daydreaming, for hey you never know 🙂 Just make sure you keep blogging if you win, OK! And come visit Pa! 🙂 That is great that you all agree about giving to charity!


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