Mars, Cowboy, Zest

Good Morning! Thanks to my blogger friend from Ponder The Relevant, my “Anything Goes” series is back. Feel free to give me 3 words in the comments below or a subject you want to hear about. Hope you enjoy this story!

It was a bright, sunshiny morning and Suzie opened the kitchen window to let the Spring air in. She enjoyed watching  the Black Capped Chickadee perched on its feeder. Some scarlet red cardinals were enjoying the feeder also, Suzie never got tired of watching the beautiful birds.

Zoom, Zoom! Landon had entered the kitchen flying around in his Superman cape. He was always full of zest, whether it be early in the morning or late at night,the boy never stopped! Suzie wishes she had a tenth of his energy!

As he sat eating his Lucky Charms, he told Suzie that he had big plans today. He was going to Mars! Suzie laughed and told him to make sure he was home by lunch time, she loved his imagination.

To Suzie’s surprise he kept going to Mars several Saturdays in a row. Usually his imagination would bounce from one thing to another but he seemed pretty stuck on this. When she asked him how his visit to Mars  was, he always smiled and said how much fun it had been.  How he ate warm Rolo cookies and drank sweet lemonade.

But this Saturday, her little Cowboy wasn’t going anywhere, he was sick in bed. She had called him her little Cowboy since he had been 3 and dressed up in a little Cowboy outfit looking so adorable. The poor thing now looked miserable! His temp was 102 and his throat felt like a porcupine was in it, he said. He really was upset about not going to Mars, Suzie assured him he would get better and be able to go again. As she walked out of his bedroom she wondered if her little Cowboy was going to turn into a astronaut!

Ding Dong! Now who could that be Suzie wondered, she wasn’t expecting company. She went to the door and there was a older lady standing outside. “Hello, is Landon here?” Suzie got a confused look on her face as the woman spoke, how did she know Landon?? She invited her in and noticed she had a platter of what looked like freshly baked cookies in her hand and a pitcher. Suzie smiled,  guessing that it was lemonade.

Oh how her little Cowboy brightened up at seeing Miss.Daisy; he didn’t talk long for he needed his rest, but Suzie loved seeing how they interacted. The mystery had been solved. He really was going to Mars on those many Saturdays. Miss.Daisy had a room in the house that she called Mars. It was a planetarium, for her husband had been a scientist and loved everything to do with Space. The room was named Mars, after his favorite planet.  Her beloved had passed away a year ago, but Miss.Daisy kept the room as it was.  Many days it brought her comfort to go in there and look at the stars and reflect on memories about her husband.

Miss.Daisy thanked Suzie for letting Landon come visit every Saturday, it was one of her most favorite times of the week. He brought joy to her and filled her with some zest for the day with all his entertaining talk. Suzie told her that she wanted her to come for supper once Landon was better, and Miss.Daisy invited Suzie and her husband over to see the planetarium. Suzie sensed that this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. It could be rewarding to get to know your neighbors at the end of the street.


13 thoughts on “Mars, Cowboy, Zest

  1. Ha! I was so excited to see this title pop up today 🙂 I wondered where this would go and I have to say you did such a great job! It’s such a sweet short story and totally not what I expected, which makes it even better. Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!

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    • So glad you enjoyed it!! Trust me it was a surprise to me too! 🙂 That is what I love with these stories, I just start writing and it doesn’t always go the way I had planned! But oh my I am so sorry! I just realized that I wrote the wrong name for your blog! How dare I?? I put Ponder the Relevant, left out the IR! That is what happens when I post so early! LOL! I did have a good day, hope you did as well!


  2. Great story! For some reason, I had three words come to mind: laughter, mom, freak. Weird combination, huh? I always like to see what someone can do with suggestions from me. I learn from such things.

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  3. Cute!! Love what you can come up with:) Here are 3 words for ya, love:
    Two of the words are from papers and books around me and one of them is what I would like to eat right now. Can you guess which one? LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks! Glad you liked it and commented and love your 3 words! I can guess what it is you are craving BUT that is only cause of the other 2 words, LOL! I have no idea what Churrasco is??? Well I know its a food now, but what kind 🙂 That might help to know before I do the story! 🙂


  5. Just realized I had not commented to say that I enjoyed this story. I thought I did, but instead I got distracted and wandered off. So, it looks like you were not the only person who didn’t pay close attention when reading blogs this past week! 🙂


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