Family Feud

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all have had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! That even amidst heart ache or chaos that may be in your life, that you were able to feel some inner joy!

I had a wonderful Christmas, no there was no family feud; just thought that may grab your attention! Unfortunately I know there are families who have family feuds at Christmas, or do not see each other at Christmas due to family feuds, and I feel sorry for them. I feel blessed that I can enjoy my wonderful family and that the only family feuding we had, was the GAME Family Feud πŸ™‚ I got questions from the official website and we did our own Family Feud.There was one sister that totally pinned her brother to the ground to get the “buzzer”! A quarter replaced the buzzer actually. It was who ever could grab it off the chair first if they knew the answer to the question read. By the way my dear, did you ever get your quarter back?? πŸ™‚

No, there was not money awarded as a grand prize to the winning team, but they got something sweet. Smarties πŸ™‚ I thought that candy was appropriate for the winning team and I just had a thought of the candy I should have given to the losing team.Β  I will give you a hint , its a type of lollipop and starts with a D! HAHA! No, I was nice, I gave them Smarties too!

If any of you want to try guessing at some of the questions, feel free to answer below. One was ,”If you are afraid of water, name a sport you shouldn’t do?” It is funny how the obvious one wasn’t the one guessed first! “What is the strangest animal kept as a pet?” , “Name a instrument too big to carry on a plane,” “What is a sport for Senior Citizens?” We had my Mom and Dad compete for the quarter on this one and neither of them got it! Can any of you?

A day of laughter, chatting and of course eating will be happily remembered once more. Not to mention the fun day we had on Christmas day with me and my hubby and ourΒ  girls. With the girls being older now, we are no longer up at the crack of dawn to open presents. 8am is a nicer time. This year we added a twist to opening the gifts, we did a Trivia game where the person who answered the question right got to open a gift. It added laughter and extended the time, so that its not over so quickly! Then it was a relaxing day of watching new movies that was given as gifts, reading new books and coloring in new coloring books. Yes, I got one of those Adult Coloring books that are the new fad, they really are relaxing! Oh and yes definitely a day of eating all the good candy in the stockings and eating Million Dollar Spaghetti! Hey my family makes me feel like a million bucks, so I decided they deserved it! No, it is not your typical spaghetti and sorry but there is not a million dollars laying underneath it either!

But who needs a million dollars when you have family and friends that make you feel so rich! May the richness of friendship and love continue to fill your days!

12 thoughts on “Family Feud

    • Thanks Gary, yes we always have fun we we all are together. It is 17 of us now so it can get pretty loud! Well I am not sitting at the ocean on a tropical island, Santa forgot that plane ticket. Haha! But I am happy πŸ™‚ I hope you had a special Christmas to and that Santa was good to you!

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