20 years ago!

Sunset on the South End, Amelia Island, Florida         Where does time go?? 20 years ago I said ,”I DO” to a man that stole my heart and so happy to say that he still has it today!! Looking forward to the next 20 plus years to come! I know that as long as I we are together we will make it through anything! Dreaming of going back to Amelia Island in Jacksonville, Florida. That is where we went for our honeymoon and I thought I would share some pics with you all. Yes, took them from Pinterest again, you really can find anything on that website!

We had a room facing the ocean and I loved hearing the waves at night. Tho we did wonder why we got so COLD in the middle of the night, perhaps someone had left the windows open! Hey, the sound of the ocean puts me to sleep 🙂

I remember sitting in front of the fireplace pictured below, with my new husband. We were so young and happy, ready to embark on our new adventure of being married. We may not be quite as young anymore, but we still are blissfully happy, and my heart is smiling with love and thankfulness today.   Happy 20th Anniversary MY DEAR HUSBAND! LOVE YOU! Thank you for your love, for all the laughter and for drying my tears. Life is like the ocean waves, sometimes the waves  are small and you can easily jump  over them enjoying the spray. Other times they can be more challenging and you may need help to jump, and there are times where they are so big, that all you can do is hold on to each other as they crash over you. Holding onto each other, knowing that as long as you hang on tight you will make it, the small waves will come again and heart to heart and arm in arm you will still be standing. 

Just outside the doors of the Elizabeth Pointe Lodge on beautiful Amelia Island Florida....

Sunrise on Amelia Island, FL                                           Elizabeth Pointe Lodge, Amelia Island:

TheElizabethPointeLodge lobby - fireplace:

Amelia Island Sunset Amelia Island, Florida                     Amelia Island, Florida

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