Lost in Cyberspace

Oh, Lori was getting so nervous! Why hadn’t he texted? She kept looking at her phone about every 5 seconds and was just as blank as it was before. Almost like it was mocking her!

What was she thinking, did she really think he would want her as his date at the Christmas Ball? She had brought her shimmering royal blue gown with great hopes, but now it only hung in the closet with the pricey price tag still attached to it glaring at her.He had appeared so interested, so smitten with her, as he gently lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed it with his smooth lips.

He had said he would text her the next morning, she knew the Ball was that night. That is why she had rushed out last night to buy a dress that would knock him off his feet. As the day kept getting later tho, it appeared that she wouldn’t be knocking anyone off their feet. That it would be another night on the couch with the TV.

Why wasn’t she responding??? He couldn’t get her off his mind! She had charmed him with her beautiful smile and lovely laugh. Everything about her just intrigued him and he wanted to know more. He had mentioned the Christmas Ball to her, but hadn’t formally asked her and now he was kicking himself about that! They had left it that he would text her in the morning. He was up bright and early with her being the main thing on his mind. His heart had been so light and joyful, but now the silence of his phone was deafening. He kept sending the same message, praying she would respond!

The clock struck 7, he couldn’t wait no longer. He was expected to show up at the Christmas Ball promptly, as he was in charge of the music. He had dreamed of the music he would play as Lori danced in his arms, but sadly now that was not to be.

Lori grabbed her popcorn from the microwave and her Mint chocolate ice cream from the freezer as she sat down to watch Gone With The Wind one more time. Her perfect plans for tonight had gone away like the wind, so why not watch the movie. But unlike Rhett she was saying in her mind, “Frankly my dear, I DO REALLY CARE!”

Lori awoke, must have dozed off. The credits were rolling on the TV as the clock struck 11pm. What was that other sound she was hearing? Oh her phone was alerting her, she had a text. Who would be texting her now she thought, as she grabbed her phone. NO, it couldn’t be! There were half a dozen texts, all from Tony!! He was asking her to the Christmas Ball and telling her so many other lovely things. They all had been sent that morning like he had promised! Crash! The phone went flying through the air hitting the TV and it shattered! No more texting! Next time she was just gonna march the 1 block to his house and knock on his door when she hasn’t heard from him!! And with that thought, she grabbed her box of tissues and her darling poodle, marching up her long winding staircase; dreaming of Rhett being at the top of the stairs to meet her.


6 thoughts on “Lost in Cyberspace

  1. Perfect title! Cyberspace does seem like a black hole sometimes, and your poor characters certainly learned that lesson the hard way! Hopefully they’ll have better luck talking to each other in person from now on. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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