The Verdict is in!

So drum roll please……I was kicked out πŸ™‚ LOL! It was a interesting experience I will say to learn how the system works. Plus you did feel kinda important when they called you up into the jury box section and you took a seat as you looked at the Plaintiff and Defendant and their lawyers. You stand as the judge comes into the courtroom. It is kinda surreal. You think Wow, I am in a Law and Order TV show, but yet this is real. I could actually be responsible for deciding if someone is guilty or not. Exciting and a little nerve wracking. One previous juror that we saw on video said how he still remembers seeing the man who lost walking outside in the pouring rain afterwards. He said he can’t get that memory out of his head, the guy was just walking in circles. As for the other things discussed in the court room you know the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”, well “What happens in the court room, stays in the the court room” πŸ™‚

As for the question about breakfast, we had a whole delightful spread! Haha! Yeah, that would be in my dream πŸ™‚ Breakfast isΒ  not served, I know you all are shocked πŸ™‚ Fortunately I was out in time for lunch. As interesting as it was to take in everything I am glad I didn’t get picked. It was going to be serving at least three 8 hour days and the one question I had asked last night became true! My feet did NOT touch the floor! I was sat in the 2nd row and it was up on a platform. So if I ever do get summoned again for jury duty, and I happen to get picked; I will have to ask them for a foot stool, my hubby says!



9 thoughts on “The Verdict is in!

  1. Even if you did not get picked, it sounds interesting to be a part of it and see how it happens. Maybe next time around you will get picked, it will be some high profile case, you can write a book and make some $$$.


  2. You got farther than most people have gotten in the jury process! Usually, they come to a plea agreement and the cases never go to trial. I have been called to jury duty 5 times and only one time did I actually serve on the jury. It was one full day of the trial and deliberations. I was so glad when that day was over! It gets very long and drawn out and I can’t imagine having to sit through a trial more than one day. So in a way, you are lucky you didn’t have to serve, especially if it was going to be at least 3 days of trial. Ugh.

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  3. I served three times back in the Midwest – two small trials and one attempted murder. The last one kept me awake nights for quite a while. Then I was the corporate rep for our company in HR legal affairs three different times so I sat at that table with the company lawyers. It is definitely an interesting process and a lot of the results are based upon the acting of the lawyers. It is kind of like Law and Order because it is entirely scripted since each side knows what the other one knows. I think you would have enjoyed it, but take your stool. πŸ™‚

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    • Oh my! I think the attempted murder trial would have kept me awake also! LOL about you saying that about Law and Order for I told my sister in law that πŸ™‚ I said I have seen enough Law and Order shows I can do this, Haha! Yup if I get called again, I am bringing my stool πŸ™‚

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