Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday! Life is a roller-coaster, Just gotta ride!:


Happy Birthday cute cat wishes quote:

Yes TODAY is my BIRTHDAY and tho some people dread turning another year older I enjoy birthdays. I love celebrating the love from family and friends and being thankful for life, even tho it DEFINITELY is a ROLLER COASTER RIDE!!!

  • H-HUG a DAY keeps the Dr. away, more than 1 hug a day is even better!
  • A-Always try to be optomistic, helps get you through the road bumps of life!
  • P-Priortize what is most important in life and don’t sweat the small stuff!
  • P-Possibilities in life are endless, keep pursuing your dreams!
  • Y- Young at heart is the best age to be!
  • B-Brighten up someone’s day with your beautiful smile!
  • I- Inquisitive minds keep learning! Life is full of things to learn!
  • R-Rich in things that have no price tag is the best RICHNESS to have!
  • T-Thankfulness is a trait to always practice!
  • H-Happiness is not based on our circumstances, its our attitude of how we handle the circumstances!
  • D-Delight yourself in the little things, don’t let them pass you by!
  • A-Always be attentive to ways you can pass on kindness to others!
  • Y-You are uniquely YOU, REMEMBER THAT! YOU HAVE SPECIAL TRAITS all of your own! CELEBRATE THEM and keep on riding the Rollercoaster of life!  

Don’t just count your years, make your years count. – George Meredith

Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened. – Jennifer Yane
Birthdays according to Science:
KEEP LAUGHING!! The secret to staying young!

22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. This was fun to read, I can see how much you’re enjoying the day! 🙂 And yes, laughing is good in so many ways, and you bring more happiness and health into the world by writing blog entries that make readers smile. Jolly good!

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