Napoleon vs. Monty

Yes, it is time for the post that I mentioned just a little in my post yesterday. This is my day for “Anything Goes” posts, and so today is a little story about movies. WE love our dear friends in Indiana, our visits are always too short with this wonderful family! With that said, we do find that some of us disagree on our feelings about 2 movies in particular. I figured that it might be fun to let my Awesome readers give their insight into these 2 movies. I am going to do my best to describe them a little without any bias and you make your decision and let me know in the comments below. I am sure our friends will be eagerly watching to see if their movie is chosen, just hope they have the tissue box close by πŸ™‚ And hey if you never saw these 2 movies, it is Ok,Β  you can still pick one based on what you read in my post. You can tell this isn’t a real professional poll, just for fun! As long as you pick the right one πŸ™‚

Here are the brief descriptions. First we have Napoleon Dynamite, a movie about a HS boy and his family and their every day life which includes the Grandpa shooting at cows. You know of people that do that in their every day life, right? A girl selling cosmetics showing up at Napoleon’s door and his class breaking into singing of the beautiful song The Rose. If only I had known why they suddenly broke into song. There also is the moment that cheese curls get smashed in Napoleon’s pants pocket, but he eats them anyway for hey he is hungry in the middle of class. Vote for Pedro is a very important line to take away from this movie. At least Pedro is a cool name. I will say the election in this movie MAY be more entertaining than the Presidential election.Β “Don’t worry people will vote for you cause you have a cool name, plus you are the only kid in school with a mustache!”Β  And here are someΒ  more quotes for you. “What are you drawing?”, “A liger!”, “What is a liger?” “A cross between a lion and a tiger!”, Yeah, that was on the tip of my tongue! Napoleon as he drinks a glass a milk, “This tastes like the cow got into the onion patch!” and another glass, “This tastes like this has bleach in it!”Β  So grab some Popcorn, some soda, don’t think you want milk! Sit down and see what you think of this movie, you can reply in a couple days once your headache goes away.

Now to continue with my unbiased descriptions.

Next, is Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a much older movie than Napoleon. It has obviously stood the test of time. “What is the air speed velocity of a swallow?”, See the educational merit of the movie? Where else do you learn the air speed velocity of a swallow, something you know you always wanted to know.Β  And then there is the “Your arm is cut off!”, “No, it is just a flesh wound.” Look at the brave heroism that is shown in the story. They continue on even with aΒ  “flesh wound”.Β  Monty has politics in his movie too, but he doesn’t vote for Pedro, even if it is a cool name. They don’t vote at all. “ I am your King!”, “I didn’t vote for you!”, “You don’t vote for kings!” and sometimes people get a little confused in this movie, which happens in every day life , right? “Guards, see that the prisoner doesn’t leave this room until I come get him.”, “So not to leave the room, even if you come get him?”, “NO, Until I come to get him!”, “Until you come get him, we are not to enter the room?”, “No, No, No, you enter the room and keep him from leaving UNTIL i come get him!” Admit it you had to smile at those lines right? Trust me there are plenty more. Did you know that coconut halves beat together can make people think you are riding a horse? I told you it was educational πŸ™‚

There you have it, what do you say. Your opinion is valuable! There will be no hurt feelings πŸ™‚ And may the best win, for if not I will be sure to HEAR about it and may have to get my Tylenol ready to watch Nap….(Oops, remember this is a unbiased report) the next time we visit! πŸ™‚


21 thoughts on “Napoleon vs. Monty

  1. I’m not a Napoleon Dynamite fan but you make it sound like I should consider watching this on Netflix. I have seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail many times. My favorite part is when they have to answer the three questions to cross the bridge making fun of Indiana Jones of course. Great synopsis of both movies. Have a lovely week.

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  2. Chris says, “Napolean Dynamite is not being well represented! They’re tots, Carolyn, not cheese puffs!!”
    He goes on to say that the quote is as follows:
    “Napolean, give me some of your tots!” To which Napolean replies, “No, get your own!”
    He would also like to address the lack of reference to the following topics in the movie:
    The bowstaff
    Online chatting

    We’ll end on this note:
    “Tina, you fat lard, come get some dinner!!”

    Of course, I am cracking up about this entire debate! Lol!!

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