The Power of Ripples

Staring into a beautiful lake you watch as the ripples flow across the water. You throw a stone and watch the ripples it creates. One stone can make many ripples.

One deed of kindness can cause many more to happen.  Like the story I heard a while back about  how one person at Starbucks paid for the person behind him and that person was inspired to do the same for the person behind them. It continued the whole way down the long line! A simple story but yet it touched me how  1 act of kindness can set off so many ripples.

Sometimes there are waves of kindness, like the story of the waitress who got a $14,000 dollar tip to help her be able to get through school without working 2 jobs as a struggling single Mom. That was huge BUT deeds of kindness are important no matter how big or  small. You never know how much just saying a simple word of encouragement to someone who is down can be as HUGE as a large check. How taking the time to sit with a cup of tea with a lonely widow can make a huge difference in her day. Don’t let yourself think that it has to be something dramatic you have to do to spread kindness.

What we have to remember tho is that there is a flip side to this as well unfortunately. Sometimes it is a person’s thoughtless words or actions that can spread ripples, ripples that end up becoming powerful waves which become a Tsunami

What are your words and actions spreading? Ripples and waves of kindness or waves that become a Tsunami?



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