Yes, sometimes there really is no other way to describe your emotions then to let music do it. I know my youngest daughter agrees with this a lot! Like everyone else my heart has been saddened by the attacks on Paris. Knowing that I walked the streets of Paris a year ago just makes it seem to hit harder, for Paris isn’t anymore a a foreign place that I have only heard about. Paris is real, a beautiful city with beautiful people.

The tragedy struck on Friday, my daughter’s birthday and that hurt her. She has always been my one that gets so concerned about the world’s problems and takes on the heart ache. She is my 13 going on 25 year old. She wants to do something to help as we all do, we all want to take the pain away. AS the first song says, “Love can build a bridge”. Love can help heal this nation, we got to stop hating each other! WE REALLY are all the SAME, regardless of our differences. We all have a heart, we all bleed the same COLOR of blood and we were all created for a purpose! Love can build a bridge, but it has to start with you and me!

Sometimes Music says it all!

4 thoughts on “Sometimes Music says it all!

  1. This song is so beautiful! Always has caused me to stop and listen and think. I’m so sad that your daughter had to share her birthday with this horrific event. 😦 God bless her for her heart. ❤


  2. One of the people that I follow said it well (as sad as it is). When people are born to kill other people, getting them to understand the concept of love and peace isn’t possible. They only understand war.


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