The Little Red Cup

One day there was a meeting of all the cups! There were blue cups, green cups, purple cups and pink cups, some had fancy designs like snowflakes and reindeer and snowmen. They were all gathered in the dark after hours in the back of the store. The purpose of their meeting was to cheer up the little RED cup! Everyone was very nice at trying to encourage her, except for the one Mood cup. His color always changed based on his mood and you never knew what to expect from him. Right now he was busy telling the RED cup how remember whenΒ  she had a song named after her! He said, “I know you remember, for you were strutting around singing that song and I couldn’t get it out of my head!” ” You can’t be liked all the time!” The RED cup got even redder as the other cups glared at the Mood cup. He glared back and said, “But you know what, I have something even better than a song. I found out that there has been a ring made after me! It is called the Mood Ring!” He puffed out his chest went to strut away and OOPS took one too many steps and Kerplunk fell right off the table! Laughter from the other cups couldn’t help but make the Little RED cup smile!

The Big 32 oz cup, who was the leader of the group called for attention and spoke directly to the Little RED cup. “We all know how crazy these humans are! Don’t worry people will start liking you again. I can’t say I understand what all is going on, but from what I have gathered from the humans as they talk and shop I am confident of one thing! The humans sure have ALOT more to WORRY about besides the color of a cup! All the other cups nodded in agreement, well except for the Mood cup, who just kept rolling and rolling on the floor. He was sure going to be dizzy.

“Quick everyone back to their shelves! I hear someone coming!” The cups scrambled back and made themselves perfectly still as someone walked by.The Little RED cup felt better, she knew that it wasn’t her fault that sometimes the humans would get crazy. She wouldn’t let it bother her, for going on what had happened before, this stir would soon be old news and they would be onto something else crazy.Β  Besides Christmas was coming, her favorite holiday! Plus red and green were Christmas colors, so her and green always smiled a little bigger this time of year. But the Little RED cup knew the truth, it really didn’t matter about the colors of Christmas, or decorations of Christmas, she knew the truth about Christmas and that is all that mattered!

6 thoughts on “The Little Red Cup

  1. This is the only part of the red cup controversy that I have enjoyed. πŸ™‚ The rest of it is so utterly stupid, I couldn’t even consider it. Anyone who has worked for a company for a living can imagine one deciding to keep the cup a single color so it could be used beyond the holiday period and without words it can’t offend anyone. Except in this instance, a plain red cup drove half the world crazy this week. All I could think was that these folks needed a ‘real’ problem to worry about. πŸ™‚

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    • Glad you liked it πŸ™‚ And totally agree, I would freely give them some of my problems to deal with and I will take the red cup being my only problem which isn’t a problem. LOL! I will say tho that I think its a very small group that were upset by it, for everyone I have talked to agrees with the craziness of it.!

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