Sea Lions, Antartica and Love

This “Anything Goes”, post is later today due to a very LONG day yesterday at the hospital with my Mom as she underwent bypass surgery. Glad to say that the surgery was successful! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for her!!

A Lesson for a Lifetime

It was a “hot” day in Antarctica, a whole 16 degrees! But hey compared to single digits below 0. 16 degrees can make you sweat! Caillou was walking around enjoying the beautiful scenery. it was breathtaking! He enjoyed watching the wildlife too. Seeing Sea Lions up close and penguins, what else could compare! His attention was drawn to one sea lion in particular. He had noticed it the other day and today it was laying in the same spot. Looked like it had been wounded, not a fatal wound, it would heal. Caillou wondered tho how the sea lion would survive while hurt. Would the others get his food for him, would they take care of him?

The next day after Caillou finished his work for the day he went to check up on the sea lion and what he saw warmed his heart. There was other sea lions gathered around the wounded one and nuzzling him and bringing him some food. What he saw next amazed him. The hurt Sea Lion was moving forward. He was moving slowly but still he was moving and a group of Sea Lions were behind him.  Now Caillou couldn’t speak the language of Sea Lions, but it sure sounded like they were urging him onward. He made it to the water and the noise got even louder. 4 Sea Lions were around him and put their fins against him, almost like a group hug. Caillou went back to his base for the night believing that love truly can be spoken in any language.

A week had passed , during that week the wounded Sea Lion kept moving forward to the water quicker. One thing that remained the same is the group of 4 Sea Lions that were at his side. At his side and their fins were all touching. Today Caillou  was in for a big surprise. Today not only did the Sea Lion move to the water quickly, he was doing flips in the water! It was so COOL to witness it! He could feel the excitement of the Sea Lion and once again he heard what sounded like cheers from the other Sea Lions.

Caillou was learning what  you can’t learn in a classroom. He was seeing first hand how when you have support and encouragement and love; that is when you can have the strength to accomplish anything!

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