Friday’s 6 word story!

Black Friday, love it, hate it??

Yes, I am looking forward to Black Friday and texted my sister-in-law about not many days left :)Can’t believe how FAST time is going!! BUT to clarify Black Friday is FUN due to the fact that we are In Indiana at that time visiting my husband’s family. My SIL and I started the tradition of going out Friday night to shop as a way to have some time alone to chat 🙂 Works out great! We find some deals and just enjoy the time together and laughing at each other as we start to space out from it being too late and us getting too tired! So I like Black Friday for that reason!! What is your opinion? You shop or sleep? 🙂 OH and we do go out late , not in the middle of Thanksgiving!


8 thoughts on “Friday’s 6 word story!

  1. Laughing, shopping and spending time together… nothing better than that! My friend and I do that once in a while. We talk and laugh so much that we lose track of where we are and often get in the wrong bus 😀

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  2. It use to be a lot of fun when I was younger and could tolerate the massive crowds but now I avoid Black Friday like the plague – in fact, I dread having to do any grocery shopping between Thanksgiving and Christmas because of the crowds. Ugh! If my family comes for the holiday then and we go shopping then it becomes fun again.

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