What is your opinion??

So today is a “Anything Goes” post day, But this lady has a tired brain….so not going to happen, LOL! Instead we will debate some of the most important questions of the universe! Feel free to give your opinion, for there is no right or wrong answer. Maybe a answer that is better, haha, but no right or wrong.

1st question….How do you like your bananas? Green? Just a little green on the peel? All yellow? Yellow with a few brown spots on the peel?

2nd question…When your alarm goes off in the morning, you turn it off and hit the floor or you push the snooze half a dozen times?

3rd question….Herbal teas, coffee, or Hot Cocoa?

4th question…Punch Bug or Slug Bug, yes this is debated over at my house 🙂 ?

Yes your opinion does matter in these important questions of the universe, so get busy and answer and Thanks! 🙂 You will know what the “right” answers at a later time 🙂


18 thoughts on “What is your opinion??

    • All yellow is good, but with a little green is the best 🙂 Yay for Snooze!! And I will gladly drink coffee with you if or I should say when we finally meet, but I do prefer my herbal teas 🙂 LOL about the 4th question. Remember the VW bugs? 🙂 There is a game that when you see one of them on the road you call out Punch Bug and punch the other person. Of course you don’t punch them hard, just a friendly punch 🙂 BUT my dear hubby who grew up in Indiana said they always called it Slug Bug! Apparently they really hit the person hard, LOL!

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    • You know Ameena didn’t know what Punch Bug was either, but ummm.. I excused her for she is from a different country. What is your excuse ? LOL! Does your hubby know what it is? I bet your boys do!


  1. 1) I don’t like bananas. I wouldn’t eat them for the longest time. I just started eating them again every now and then only when all other fruit is gone. I like them new and no brown at all on them.
    2) I usually flick my alarm off on my phone and snuggle back into bed, until I absolutely have to get up.
    3) skim hot cocoa for a treat, but usually green tea.
    4) punch Buggy

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    • Glad you like bananas again, they are great with ice cream and in cereal 🙂 and perfect with a little green on them, but yes definitely no brown on them! Yes, those covers are so inviting, aren’t they!! I do like green tea, but prefer my herbal teas the best, tho Hot cocoa does rate up there. Have you ever tried Raspberry Hot Cocoa? That is delish! Yay for PUNCH BUG 🙂

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  2. 1) All yellow or yellow with just a little brown
    2) Hit the floor running! (Why waste precious sleep time setting the alarm for earlier than you need to get up????)
    3) Hot cocoa
    4) SLUG BUG (Punch Bug does not rhyme!)

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    • Thanks for commenting dear and yes you do hit the floor running amidst my groans! Don’t know how you do it! As you see from the other comments, others prefer to hit the snooze also 🙂 We like SLOWLY waking up 🙂 Hot cocoa is very good, but you still need to learn to like tea 🙂 and OK so Slug Bug may rhyme but it still is Punch Bug! 🙂 ❤ ❤


  3. 1) large and all yellow. I love them
    2) definitely snooze 😄. I set the alarm about 20 mind before so I can snooze it.
    3) tea and coffee. Both!
    4) I Have hope idea what a punch /slug bug is.
    This was soooo fun.

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    • They are great on banana splits, aren’t they 🙂 Have you visited the ice cream shop lately? LOL! Try a little green on them, you may like it 🙂 YES, gotta have time to snooze in between admitting the reality of having to get up! I do like tea and coffee both also, but drink tea the most. Coffee tends to bother my reflux, tho I love the smell of it!. Hey you aren’t alone, Jodi didn’t know what Punch Bug is either. Tho I understand you not knowing cause of you being from another Country, don’t know Jodi’s excuse, LOL! When you see a VW Bug on the road, you yell Punch Bug and hit the other person. Of course its supposed to be just a friendly punch,tho when I was a teen, I got some bruises on my arm! Apparently in different states they call it different. My husband grew up calling it Slug Bug. I think they must have hit harder 🙂 Thanks for commenting, glad you liked the spur of the moment game 🙂


    • Yay, someone else that likes them a little green!! Thank you! 🙂 Haha, I would prefer no alarm also! So do you like Starbucks, or is their coffee not good enough? 🙂 Nothing wrong with liking good coffee, both my girls prefer coffee! Well you are not alone in not knowing what a Punch Bug or Slug Bug is! Guess you didn’t play that game when younger 🙂 When you see a VW Bug, you yell Punch Bug and give the person a friendly punch or if you are like my husband you yell Slug bug, depends which part of the country you are from 🙂 Now you have a game to play in the car next time 🙂

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      • Starbucks is just fine so is Dunkin Donuts in my part of the country. We use Peet’s coffee beans from MA and have a drip coffee maker that also grinds beans. I just cannot take Folgers or Maxwell House types any more. I use to drink them, but after you have had better coffee you certainly recognize and appreciate the difference. I just really enjoy good coffee.


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