Sunday’s edition of “Anything Goes”

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you have enjoyed the week-end and are not dreading Monday 🙂 May this keep a smile on your face for a little longer as you enjoy Sunday. My dear friend Charlene gave me the words for this story. Goblins, The Pope, and Wrestling Match. Yeah, definitely see how all them go together! NOT! 🙂 She also added a challenge…;which I can’t tell you or it will give the story away, so will explain at the end. Sit back with your cup of tea and savor the remaining hours of the week-end as you prepare to be front row witnesses to a wrestling match!

Up,Up and AWAY!

Kicking the Fall leaves with her new skinny red boots, she felt happy inside. Tonight she  and her very close friend Charlene were doing something to help  support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This was a huge event! So big that even the Pope was making a point to attend it on his visit to the U.S.

Gia still couldn’t believe Charlen had talked  her into doing this. They always seemed to have a knack for getting themselves into strange situations!! Apparently there were several little kids that wanted to play in a swimming pool filled with jello. The leaders of the organization thought it would be fun if they could witness a jello wrestling match and that is what Charlene had signed them up for. There were others doing other unique things with jello, but they were scheduled for the wrestling match! Gia could only shake her head and chalk this up to one more crazy adventure that would definitely be remembered. One more story to be passed down.  Their families were already placing bets on who would win!

That afternoon Gia’s friends Cassie and Larissa were meeting at Violet’s Diner for lunch. Gia wanted to go, but she had to finish shopping for the condolence gift she was getting for Charlene. She laughed to herself as she thought about what her reaction would be on opening it. And yes, even tho her family doubted her winning, Gia was sure of herself! She would prove to them all!

Her phone went off when she was shopping. It was some texts from Cassie and Larissa. OH NO! thought Gia, as she read how Sherry, their favorite waitress was on duty again. Sherry was another very close friend of Gia’s, and being that she had recently moved, she was getting to know Violet, Cassie and Larissa really well. The drawback was that Sherry  loved regaling them with stories of when her and Gia were roommates. Oh the stories she could tell! The tractor story, the brownies, the garbage man,etc. These stories would keep getting passed down, Gia’s grandchildren would probably hear them when Sherry and her would be racing their wheelchairs down the hallways escaping the nurses.

The time had come. The crowd was already cheering for different jello events that were going on, as Gia was getting ready to dive into a pool of jello. Larissa the wonderful photographer was there to photograph the event. Gia only could hope that she would snap more pictures of Charlene than her! Charlene and Gia shook hands wishing each other well, if Gia would have known what was coming she may would have given her a real tight hug instead! The cheers of the crowd were deafening as the match played out. Gia kept sliding and getting buried in the jello and Charlene could barely stand up from laughing so hard. Gia was telling herself to never fall for one of Charlene’s schemes again!

Amidst the laughter and cheering of the crowd, no one could hear the roaring of the spaceship that was getting closer and closer to appearing right over them. Suddenly they couldn’t ignore the roar anymore, they saw with their own eyes and what was that goblin like creature peeking out of the spaceship?? A ladder was coming out of the spaceship and WOW! Was the goblin actually climbing down it?? The crowd was mesmerized, they didn’t know whether to run or stay! It was getting closer and closer! OH NO! The ladder was hanging right above the pool where Charlene and Gia had long since forgot about the match, as they could only stare. The goblin was still climbing down, he was so close, he could almost touch….WHAT WAS HAPPENING!! He had grabbed Gia and was pulling her back up the ladder with him!! Charlene tried to grab the ladder but was too slippery from the jello! Gia couldn’t believe how quickly she could go from laughing to being scared to death! BUT have no fear, she would prevail! There was no way she was going to be separated from her family and friends!! Yes, TAKE THAT and THAT! She karate chopped the goblin and soon he was scurrying back into the spaceship as quickly as he could. Gia meanwhile had a very soft landing into the pool of jello and Larissa had captured it all on film! Her photography was soon going to become world famous, as the only pictures ever taken of a attempted kidnapping from Space!

The End!

PS. Ok, for the challenge that my friend had given me. Well….I failed 🙂  I was supposed to have a sad ending. I tried, honest I did. In fact I didn’t change it til I was writing it on here, my fingers just moved across the keyboard and typed something different. I had no control Charlene : For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you probably have noticed how its hard for me to write sad endings. Someday I may surprise you, but apparently its not happening tonight 🙂

“What Three words…”

Yes, you read the title right…This is Thursday’s edition of , “Anything Goes”. This is the reply I got from a very close relation when asking her for 3 words, for my “Anything Goes” posts. She replied back with this, and I started to explain myself in text and than I was like, Wait a minute….. and I saw her smirking in my mind. I also saw  the emoticons on the reply text.  My family is full of comedians! 🙂

What Three Words…

There was a beautiful lady in the courtyard in Venice and she was drawing a lovely picture and writing some words. People were oohing and aahing over the picture, but no one could make out the words. You kept hearing people say to each other, “What three words are written??”

The same lady was seen in a Starbucks coffee shop in the bustling city of New York. She wrote a short note on a napkin that was left on the table. The waiter was seen trying to catch her before she went out the doors. He was heard saying, “What three words did you write, what do they mean?”

This stunning woman was seen at a art gallery in Washington, D.C.  gazing at the amazing works of art. There was an auction going on and a table where you could place bids. The lady was seen picking up one of the cards and writing something on it and laying it back down. The man sitting at the table collecting the cards looked down at it and said, “Excuse me Ma’am, but What three words did you write? I don’t understand.” The lady only smiled her charming smile and walked away.

She was seen at a elegant party in Pennsylvania. She met up with one of the guests that had been having a bad night. Was suffering from  from hot flashes through out the evening and had broken one of her heels on her glitzy, golden shoes. Went to leave the party but found that someone had stolen her brand new, shiny red sports car. As she was waiting for her friend to come pick her up she decided to look at the note that they mysterious lady had given her. What three words were scrawled across the paper,  she thought to herself. Not being able to make them out she got out her mirror to apply some lipstick to try and feel a little more glamorous, considering how the evening had gone.  OH NO! There it was shiny and red! A streak of her lipstick right across her teeth. No wonder that handsome gentleman who had danced with her had smiled a little bit strangely after just one dance. She hoped her friend got there soon to pick her up, for so far this evening was NOT her night!  She had NO CAR, a broken heel, a streak of lipstick across her teeth, a note that she couldn’t figure out and now a hot flash was coming on again! She was definitely ready to go home to bed and end this day!

It was all over the news the next day. The lady had been spotted in the cornfields of Indiana now. She was handing out notes to farmers, and all the farmers could say is “What do these three words mean?”  The lady actually talked back to them!! She informed them that she would speak at a news conference the next day and give them a answer.

Everyone was glued to the television the next day for the 6’oclock news. In the little sleepy town of Upland this was big news!! It was big news for everywhere! There she was in her fancy attire standing in front of a large group. Her voice was as smooth as silk. “I am aware that I have caused a lot of stir around the world lately and I would like to answer all your questions. I know your biggest one is, What Three Words…..” and everything was black! Yes, the high winds of Indiana had struck again and took out power! Disappointment ran rampant throughout Hoosierland! The answer to,” What three words”  they would never know. It would rank up there as one of Indiana’s unsolved mysteries, just like “Why are there so many mosquitoes in Indiana?”

It  is rumored that in the small town of Upland it wasn’t the high winds that caused the power outage. Apparently there was some woman that had all 10 of her crock pots plugged in at the same time! She was cooking corn and okra.

The End

PS, There is one thing about being a writer, you have a freedom of putting whoever you want into your story! I thank my dear friend and dear sister-in-law ahead of time for being good sports as they recognize that some inside jokes in here are aimed at them:) When it fits into the story you just have to use it right! Oh and to those who may live in Hoosierland, nothing against the Hoosiers! My husband was a Hoosier til I rescued him and brought him to Pa.:) KIDDING! I hope you all enjoyed the story and hey keep a eye out for that mysterious lady writing those mysterious words. Never know when she may show up, and I am curious, any thoughts on what those words may have been??

Wednesday’s “Anything Goes”, post…Ballerina, School Board Meeting and Full Moon!

Once again another clever friend pulled it off thinking of 3 words to give me that don’t seem to have anything in common! Read on to see how they become linked 🙂

The Full Moon Reveals All!

Becky almost had all the supper dishes put away, was busy telling her kids to help her. The one trailed into the kitchen as she had 3 dishes yet to do. Taking her hands out of the sudsy soap water she gladly passed the rag to her oldest daughter. She glanced at the time and knew she had to keep moving if she was going to make it to the School Board meeting on time. This was a very important one that she couldn’t miss. Tonight was Election Night!

Some board members felt it was a waste to even vote, for they always knew how it turned out. There were 3 members who always seemed to make sure the vote went the way they wanted it to go! These 3 people could be really charming, especially when you first meet them. Becky watched as they charmed the new people to fall under their spell. Becky prayed that tonight would be different, that people would see through their charm and not be swayed in their voting.

It was time! The speeches had been given and Becky felt sick to her stomach, for it appeared that once again the vote was going to be for the Terrible 3. There just weren’t enough board members that knew how the charm of the Terrible 3, was just a act to get their way!

The voting had begun and the Terrible 3 looked pretty confident of themselves! But wait a minute was something wrong with Becky’s eyes?  What was happening? She looked at her dear friend beside her and she was rubbing her eyes to see if she was seeing what she really saw. The room had become so silent as people watched in amazement. The Terrible 3 were changing their looks! Hair was starting to appear on their faces, ALL over their faces. Thick, shaggy, dark brown hair. Now what were they doing?? They were on their knees and started to HOWL! By now the room was in a uproar, some laughing, some running out of the building and some still glued to their seats as they watched events unfold. One little child had got away from her Mother amidst the commotion and opened the big curtain behind the table. When the others looked out the window there was a GASP! The FULL MOON was shining brightly into the room!

As Becky was driving home she couldn’t stop laughing. The vote went perfectly, due to the Terrible Three being preoccupied by their howling. Not only did the members get elected  that everyone really wanted,  but the Terrible 3 members were voted out. For yes, the Full Moon had revealed all. Revealed the truth about them being Wolves in Sheep’s clothing. They would not be able to charm anyone else again. At least not in this town!

She walked into her house to the music of the Waltz of the Dancing Flowers. Her dear daughter was twirling around the room in her tutu practicing for her upcoming ballet recital. It was late, but Becky sat down to watch, for her heart was light tonight. From now on she didn’t know if she would ever be able to look at a Full Moon again without laughing!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! It is Tuesday again and today the book The Little Prince has come to my mind. If you never read it, you have to! It is a children’s book, and one that has important truths in it. The book is special to me, for my brother had it in his collection of things. After he died I read the book through several times, for it is a short book. I hope you enjoy these quotes and that it makes you want to read the story. 🙂 Have a great day!

  1. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly what is essentially invisible to the eye.”
  2. “If you have a flower that lives on a star, It is so sweet to look at the sky at night. All the stars are a-bloom with flowers!” (I just love the picture that puts in my mind!)
  3. “One can only understand the things that one tames. Man has no more time to understand anything. They buy things already made at the shops. But there is no shop, where one can buy friendship.” (Friendship is such a precious thing, but it does take time to invest in!)
  4. “Men have forgotten this truth, but you must not forget it, you become responsible forever, for what you have tamed.”
  5. “Oh Little Prince, I cannot bear that I will never hear the sound of your  laughter again.” ” Oh, but I have played a trick on you, In one of the stars I shall be living, In one of the stars I shall be laughing, And so it will be as if all the stars are laughing, when you look into the sky at night.” ( This was my favorite quote from the book, for it was like my brother was the Little Prince. I truly didn’t know how I could bear not hearing his laughter anymore! But all I need to do is look up into the sky at night and smile at the twinkling stars 🙂 )
  6. OK had to cheat with this last quote. It is not from the Little Prince, but it really stood out to me, so had to share. “Fill the paper with the breathings of your heart.” ( Isn’t that what we do fellow writers?)

Weekly Photo Challenge – “My Happy Place”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”TropicalShoreBeachFlamingoYes I cheated, these are not my photographs! BUT they truly depict my HAPPY PLACE!! These are from Google. If I could get to the beach as quickly as I can get on Google, trust me I would be THERE!! 🙂 I love the sound of the waves and how they seem to go on forever, I love walking in the sand and listening to the seagulls while I look for shells. Yes, the ocean is where my worries and fears fade away into the large ocean. I figure the ocean is big enough to handle them while I REST AWHILE! Even tho I can’t be there, these pics make me smile and so I hope you forgive me for “cheating” this week 🙂 And hey if any lovely reader wants to make me REAL HAPPY, you easily know what to do, take me to the beach!! We would have a fun road trip together or by plane, I am not picky 🙂 Have a GREAT START to the week everyone and remember even if we can’t be in our Happy place , we still can find a lot to be happy about! So SMILE, takes more muscles to frown and I can’t afford to lose any!

Goat, Rubies, Sneakers…Could be the craziest post I have done!

It’s Thursday!! Tomorrow is Friday, YAY! It is time for the “Anything Goes” posts again, and my dear friend Robin definitely took me literally as she gave me these words to form a story around. Goat,Rubies, Sneakers,Tarantula and Root Beer!! Yes, as some of you are quite aware of I HATE spiders and Robin knew that! I did say I wanted these stories to help stretch me, Ha! So sit back and enjoy a tale,not sure how it will go but I can practically guarantee you that the tarantula will die!!

  The Goat that wore Sneakers

It was a the first day of Fall and a lovely day. Robin was excited for Fall meant Winter was on its way and she loved Winter! Fall was her second best season, pumpkins, spice and everything nice that made up Fall she loved. She was looking out the window that morning as she was finishing her second cup of Pumpkin Spice tea, gazing at the leaves of gold dancing in her lawn. Her peace was suddenly interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

Opening the door she was met by the sullen face of Mrs.Gray, Robin knew immediately why she was standing there looking so glum and didn’t even let her speak, just said,”What did he do now?”

“Cmon Bojangles, you have to move it or else old lady Gray is NOT going to be happy!” Robin was pulling as hard as she could to tempt Bojangles away from Miss.Gray’s open bedroom window. As she pulled him away she took the ruby necklace out of his mouth! He had snatched it from Miss.Gray’s dresser. He loved pretty, sparkly things. Robin just shook her head, Bojangles was very special to her, but he kept running away visiting Miss.Gray, who did NOT want a visit!

When they got back to Robin’s place Bojangles kept braying, Robin knew what he wanted, but didn’t think he deserved it, after his little outing. She spoiled Bo tho, since it was just the 2 of them and went inside to get his favorite drink. Soon he was lapping up the bottle of Root Beer and if a goat can smile, he was smiling. Robin would say she could see it. He also really liked Birch Beer! Unfortunately Miss.Gray and him had that in common and YUP he had been known to take bottles of Birch Beer off her back porch. She would bring out a bottle to read on her porch and Bojangles would just wait for the perfect moment to snatch it away!

Yes Bo knew how to frustrate Miss.Gray for sure and frustrate Robin, but Robin had to laugh at some of the things he had done. She knew that even dour Miss.Gray was laughing a little inside when he had got tangled in her clothesline and her Ruby Red sneakers had fallen on each of his ears. He was a sight to see for sure!

A few days passed in peace, Bo was content to stay put and drink his root bear and there had been no angry knocks on Robin’s door! Once again Robin was sitting at her table with a cup of English Toffee Tea this time. OH NO! That can’t be Miss.Gray knocking again! She knew that her days of peace had come to a abrupt end. She took a deep breath as she prepared to meet Miss.Gray’s angry, red face.  Wait! What was this?  Miss.Gray actually had a Big Smile on her face! She was wearing a smile and Bo was wearing her Ruby necklace around his neck!! Something didn’t make sense!

Robin couldn’t stop laughing, it appeared that Bo had made a friend for life in Miss.Gray, she felt such relief as Miss.Gray told her the story. A story  that totally changed her view of Bojangles!

Miss.Gray was out reading on her back porch again and Bo was around the corner  waiting for another chance to snatch her Birch Beer away. Miss.Gray yelled at him to get away, but he didn’t move. She was gonna go get Robin, but was too deeply into her book and didn’t feel like moving, so she just ignored him. As she reached for her bottle of Birch Beer she felt something fuzzy and screamed! Her eyes were wide with fright as she looked and saw a tarantula’s beady eyes staring at her, OH how she hated spiders, ESPECIALLY Tarantulas! She flung her hand so hard the tarantula went flying onto her ruby red sneaker! SNAP! Bojangles had come running for he had seen the bottle of Birch beer be dropped spilling on her sneaker. In one snap of his jaws the Tarantula was snapped up. Bo did NOT share his Birch Beer! He snapped the spider away and proceeded to lick up the Birch Beer as Miss.Gray smiled down at him in GREAT RELIEF! Now on most warm days you can see Miss.Gray and Bojangles together on the back porch. Miss.Gray reading and Bo contently drinking out of his bucket of Birch Beer.

Icecream, Girlfriends and a Slap!

Time again for “Anything Goes”, where the readers pick the topic for me to do a story around. So go get yourself a bowl of ice cream and some Hot Fudge topping with a cherry on top and enjoy this tale 🙂 Thanks to my good friend Ameena for this suggestion. You can check out her blog randomsbyarandom her posts will definitely touch your heart!!!

Dandelion Wishes

Ameena was looking forward to tonight. A night out with girls, what could be more fun? Well OK, maybe if she was going out with a real HOT guy riding in a sparkling red convertible, with her hair blowing in the wind, that might override the excitement of a girls night. She absently picked up a dandelion from the ground and made a silent wish as she blew on it. Looking at her watch, she realized she better hurry if she was going to be ready on time.

He was getting ready, but didn’t know why. A friend of his had invited him to play some pool at the new ice cream parlor that had opened up. Can’t say he was in the mood for pool, but nothing else better to do. He was getting over a tough heartbreak. His friend told him that he thought he had been fishing long enough and time  to put up his rod and try something new to bring back his smile! So Landon was getting ready but not making any promises to his friend. HONK! Blew the horn, his friend was here. Landon ran out the door and dropped his wallet, bent to pick it up and saw a dandelion.As he picked it up he  did something he hadn’t done since he had been a boy. Took a breath, made a wish and blew!

Ameena was having a great time, she had such AWESOME friends! This double scoop of banana fudge ice cream along with a 2 scoops of peanut butter ice cream, smothered in Marshmellow cream was making her taste buds dance with JOY! Her friends were joking and as Ameena was getting red, she raised her hand to playfully slap her friend. Unfortunately her friend saw it coming and  ducked.SLAP went Ameena’s  hand as it made connection with a dish of ice cream, that went shattering to the floor. Her face was so hot  as she stammered to apologize, she quickly got up and was bending down to pick up the broken dish. She picked it up and made eye contact for the first time with the person who had been carrying the ice cream. Immediately her face grew at least 10 more shades of deeper red. She was looking into such a charming face, his eyes sparkled. He wasn’t mad. He smiled and said, “I wasn’t in the mood for ice cream anyway.”

Soon Landon and his buddy had joined them at their table. Ameena’s face was slowly going back to its real color. If her friends would stop talking with their eyes and making the silent facial expressions that only girls can understand, she may be OK. Landon didn’t seem nervous, but he didn’t talk much. Every time she would look up from her ice cream, his ocean blue eyes would be on hers, which would once again bring the fire redness back to her cheeks. Why did she have to blush so easily??

At last Landon spoke, “Hey, what would you say to a game of pool? Have you played much?” Ameena  chuckled to herself, for he didn’t realize what he was asking. Before she could answer her friend Sherry spoke up,”She would love for you to show her how its done!” Ameena’s  mouth opened as she looked at Sherry and saw the sly wink she sent her way. Her  mouth shut and a playful smile came to her face thinking this could be fun.

They were halfway into the game and Landon’s mouth just kept opening and shutting without saying a word, he could only gasp at the plays Ameena was making. He knew he had been taken and the tables had turned, now his face was turning vibrant shades of red! After 3 games he surrendered and decided to quit to at least try to save some of his pride. “You know what?” Ameena said, “Doesn’t the loser usually treat the winner to ice cream?” His eyes sparkled with laughter as he  said he was actually getting hungry, considering the floor had eaten his banana split. Ameena smiled as she promised to share. 4 scoops of Coffee was her request. “COFFEE!”, Landon made a face. “Thanks for the offer to share, but I prefer to ENJOY my ice cream so I will have Black Cherry. ” Ameena laughed, “Suit yourself, you are the one paying.” Her laughter still rang in his ears as she walked away to get a seat. His heart felt a renewed joy spreading in it. Who said Dandelion wishes can’t come true?

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! I hope this Tuesday finds you feeling happy! The sun is shining here, which is NICE to see after the rain we had for several days! My heart does go out to  South Carolina and all the flooding they have had! Our rain was nothing compared to what they got! I lived in Johns Island, SC for a year, very close to Charleston. BEAUTIFUL areas! Tugged at my heart to see pictures of the flooding. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

I have picked Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes for today. May they add sunshine to your day!

  1. “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path, and make a trail.”
  2. “Waves are inspiring, not because they rise and fall, but because each time they FALL, they never fail to RISE again.”
  3. “Earth laughs in flowers.”
  4. “For every minute you remain angry, you lose 60 seconds of peace of mind.”
  5. “Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it.”