Tractor, Bouncing, Car…HMM???

Good Morning friends! Another edition of “Anything Goes”. These words were suggested by my Awesome friend Sherry who was my roommate when we made that first step out of your parents home into an Apartment. OH if the walls could speak! Ha! Hope you enjoy the story.  is it true? Made up? That’s for you to figure out  and let me know your thoughts below. Also as always, feel free to post your 3 words down below for me to do a story around. Have a great day!

Where did those prints come from?

“Hey buddy, what are we gonna do today?”

“I don’t know, thinking of hunting more berries.”

“Lets just go on a walk and see where we end up.”

So off they went, the 2 pals, looking for adventure.

Trixie pulled into her driveway and enjoyed the view one more time before getting out of the car. The driveway was flat but there was a grassy hill below it that led to a sheep pasture. It was peaceful to look at. She felt so lucky that her and her friend were able to rent a part of this house out in the country. Nice and quiet.

“Hey what strange contraption is that?”  Barnaby the bear asked his pal. They had been walking awhile and it was getting dark, but Barnaby noticed something unique that he wanted to check out. Billy wanted to investigate with him, so they ran up to the weird thing. It sure didn’t have a good smell to it and it was most definitely not tasty, for Barnaby had taken a lick. Maybe they had to get a closer look and hey what was that reflection? Was there another bear in there?  Barnaby took his paws and pressed on the glass and the bear  pressed back. Barnaby pressed harder! Billy thought why not join in the fun and pressed on the strange looking thing. Whoa what was that?? Did something move? Yes the contraption was moving! Crash, it went through the one gate! At the sight of the thing moving Billy and Barnaby got scared and decided they had enough adventure for one day as they  ran back home.

What was that strange noise, oh the phone was ringing. But why so early?? Trixie tried to rub the sleep out of her eyes as she stumbled to the phone. The voice on the other end belonged to her landlord, he was telling her something she couldn’t believe. She looked out the window and to her shock saw it was true! She was instantly awake now! Her car was down in the sheep pasture! HOW????

The Landlord got his tractor out and it bounced down the hill as he went to rescue the car. Ok maybe not your knight in shining armor, but Trixie was thankful for him bringing the car back up where it was supposed to be. Meanwhile Sherry her roommate was trying to control her laughter. According to Sherry Trixie’s  car was still there when she got home from her late shift at work. Besides scratches on the car it was fine. There were what looked like Paw Prints tho on the rear view mirror. Where did they come from??

“Oh Barnaby you tell such wild tales!”, friends were gathered around listening to Barnaby and Billy reciting their adventure from the night before. Barnaby insisted he was telling the truth. “I really feel bad for the bear inside that contraption!” He was pushing on the funny thing when I pushed on it. I think he was trying to get out!” Billy said that was when he decided to push to, and then without warning the contraption moved! Barnaby and Billy’s friends eyes were big, but they didn’t know whether to really believe. “Sounds rather fishy to me”, said one pal. Hearing the word fish made everyone hungry and they all decided to go down to the river to see what they could catch. Barnaby was more than happy to go fishing, and he hoped that maybe with the contraption moving last night that trapped bear got out and was  also able to enjoy some fishing.

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