Disater Relief Team, Wedding and Marshmellow Fluff!

It is that time again. It is Wednesday, you made it halfway through the week! The weekend draws closer! Here is a post to make you smile and hopefully make it through the day. These words were given to me by my lovely, crazy sister 🙂 “Anything Goes”, so put on your best attire and come to a wedding. Ok, you can just sit at the computer in your bath robe instead and come to the wedding 🙂

Wedding Mishap

It was Karen’s wedding day and she couldn’t contain her excitement! She had been waiting so long for this day and it had finally arrived. The sun was shining bright, the birds were singing, nothing was going to stop this day from being Marvelous!!

Meanwhile the groom was so nervous. He had to make sure that his trumpet solo was perfect. He was going to surprise her at the reception. Oh to think that he would soon be married to the  woman of his dreams, he couldn’t stop from getting choked up about it. But he had to try to control his emotions, hard to play trumpet if choked up!

Karen felt like she was in the perfect dream. The ceremony had gone perfectly, she was married at last! Now that the ceremony was over her nerves weren’t as bad and she was actually getting hungry. She spied a large jar of Marshmallow Fluff on the table and remembered how much she loved that gooey fluff. Hmmm…but her dear husband was pulling her in another direction. He sat her down on a chair and pulled out a dozen roses for his new beautiful bride. She caught her breath and all thoughts of the Marshmallow Fluff went out the window. The first notes of their song, “The Rose”, started to play. She was getting goosebumps and the tears came,  he played so well.Her love for this man swelled up in her heart!

OH NO! What was going on! Someone had left the door open and the neighborhood stray cats were rushing in! They smelled the food and heard the music. They were jumping on the tables and making a huge mess! Karen could only stare in shock as she rescued her jar of Marshmallow Fluff. Her new husband was trying to catch as many cats as he could, but he kept slipping on the spilled drink on the floor. Karen ran to the bathroom as the tears cascaded down her cheeks,  for her wedding was turning into a disaster! She took her spoon and dug into the Marshmallow fluff with a passion!

At last the commotion was beginning to subside, The Disaster Relief team had been summoned, and were able to get the 101 cats out of the building. The poor groom had scratches up and down his arms and his tux had holes in it from the cats claws. But if only he could see his blushing bride again, everything would be OK. He loved how her cheeks radiated a warm shade of red as he surprised her with the song and roses. He looked forward to surprising her many more times in their life together, BUT one thing he knew for sure, they would definitely never own a cat!!

He was beginning to get a little worried, where oh where was his new bride?? He had searched all over. He had one of the bridal party go into the restroom to check and she commented that there was only a huge ball like thing in the there. She called the rest of the bridal party in and they didn’t know what to think. There was a empty jar of Marshmallow Fluff and a huge ball on the floor. Wait a minute that wasn’t just a regular ball! Could it be?? Yes, it was, it was the largest  ball of Marshmallow Fluff that they had ever seen! Wow! Karen would love this, Marshmallow fluff was always a favorite snack of hers. They had to find her. Where oh  where was she?? As they ran out of the restroom they were too busy chattering to hear the muffled groans coming from the ball of fluff. “If only I hadn’t eaten that last bite!”

4 thoughts on “Disater Relief Team, Wedding and Marshmellow Fluff!

  1. Looks like somebody had better send back the disaster relief team to de-fluff poor Karen, if they’re not still too busy with the cats! Still giggling at this one.

    Here’s another challenge for you — beekeeping, unicycle, and stray dog. 🙂 Feel free to give me a new challenge too; I got busy and haven’t written much, but should have more time next week.

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