From the Heart

Good Morning Today it should be Monday’s Snapshot Memories, but since I am the writer I am allowed to do whatever I want 🙂 So today is something different, something from the heart.

The Phonecall

The phone rings startling you, for it is a little late. Your first thought is, bad news? For that just is the way your brain works. No, you hear your sister’s voice on the other end and she doesn’t sound upset. Instead she proceeds to fill your ears with words of love. Words that fill your heart to overflowing and where there is that time that there really are no words to reply with.

I was blessed with 2 sisters and sure we share differences, like all siblings do, but we share something even stronger! We share the bond of love that nothing can break! We know we have each others back, and when one falls we are there to pick each other up. We know that we may not have all the answers in life, but we share the wisdom we do have, which can be words; but sometimes is just the silence of the heart. When no words are needed.

I have 2 sisters, and Man if you would take the best characteristics out of each of us and make it one person they would be one Totally  Awesome person! But for now I think my sisters are pretty Awesome and am starting out this week being so thankful for them!

This song is for them! Take time out today to be thankful for your loved ones! How would we get through life without them!

10 thoughts on “From the Heart

  1. I am your sister. When you fall, I will pick you up….after I stop laughing! 😊 Studies show that laughter is the best medicine…so laugh until the tears run down your legs!!!! 😅 Love you! 💕

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      • My sisters are pretty awesome and I’m extremely thankful for them (just not so great at expressing it), but if you combined our best into one person those “sisters day out” times would be pretty dull! Wish I lived closer so we could have more of them. Love you both!!!! 🙂


        • LOL! Yeah you are right they would be pretty dull with one person 🙂 Wish you lived closer to! We just will need to make it more of a habit to get together ! LOVE YOU and Thanks 🙂


  2. Wow how spooky is that! I have just read your post about sisters after posting the first installment of my ‘Observations from a Hospital Bed. My sister and I have been through a really tough time having just lost our wonderful Dad and she was with me when I fell and broke my leg. There’s always been a strange but special bond between us, the last few months have been a real learning curve – learning so much about myself and relationships.

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    • You gave me goosebumps! So glad you shared that with me! I am ready for part 2 of your Observations from a Hospital bed. My thoughts and prayers are with you over the loss of your dear Dad! Very glad you have a sister to help each other through. Huge moments like these in our lives can make us learn so much about ourselves, good thoughts to you as you continue to learn as you go through the grieving process.


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