Fear, Strength and Conquer

Good Morning! Today’s , “Anything Goes” post is thanks to my wonderful friend Melanie! She gave me these words and she put a twist with it to, that you will realize as you read. A more serious post than the others, have been which was challenging at first, but I think I conquered it 🙂 See what you think and let me know!

Unearthing the Truth

The time had come, said the wife as she grabbed her bags. Her husband grabbed his keys and out the door they went. Amidst the excitement in both of their hearts, fear was there to. For there were unanswered questions. Would everything go smoothly? Would the baby be healthy? At 8am, (even as a baby, this girl wasn’t a real early riser) on a Saturday morning, their fears were put to rest as they heard their daughter’s first cry. Joy reigned in their hearts and Joy would be her middle name.

As Joy grew there was concern for she wasn’t cooing like most babies and when it was the age that she should have been starting to say words she didn’t. There was fear in the parents hearts, but they showed strength and at the age of 3 she did begin to talk and hasn’t stopped yet. Speech therapy was needed for quite awhile,but in the end Joy conquered it.

It was time for school to start. That time of mixed feeling for parents, for excitement about their children starting to spread their wings, but a little sad knowing that they won’t get those toddler years back again. The beginning of this school year brought a little more fear along with it than usual for Joy’s parents. School psychologist had called a meeting about their child. The news she had to share was all doom and gloom. She predicted that Joy would never be able to go to a regular school, never graduate, forget about driving, and most likely never get married and have a family. Pretty heavy stuff to say about a 5 year old! Her parents could have let fear take over and lost hope and followed the psychologists recommendation about placing her in a special school. They did visit the school, but were shocked by what they saw, and knew there was no way their child belonged there. So they pushed past the fear, showed strength and stood up to the school psychologist and enrolled her in the local public school.

About 5 years later a new psychologist came to town and once again there was a meeting. Only this time it was so much different. For this time, the psychologist didn’t focus on the fears about the trouble Joy had in Math, he focused on the positive. He stated how if we were only to concentrate on how Joy did academically we were missing the whole picture. How her academic scores were not a true test to show what she was capable of and the potential she had. He was impressed with her keen wit and sense of humor. He noticed that she read at a Post Graduate level. (Cough, cough, she never was supposed to be able to graduate,but yet was reading at a post graduate level, HMMMM…..)

Fear tends to shed light on the negative, but we need to unearth the positives that are being smothered by fear.

We need to separate the lies of fear from the truth. Yes, Joy had academic struggles and at the age of 5 was not talking real well, BUT to say she would never graduate, never get married and have a family was just crazy lies that had let Fear take over. Joy is now grown, graduated on time, is married with children, and does know how to drive. Not planning on entering any races and wouldn’t say driving is her favorite thing, but she sure has transported her children to more places than she count! Not because she is bad at math but because the number has to be in the gazillion range 🙂

This isn’t as much about Joy tho as it is about YOU, how do you handle your fears! Do you let them take over? As Joy has grown older Fear has come knocking many times in different ways. Sometimes she resists the pressure to open the door, but unfortunately there are other times where Fear is let in. Times when the lies of fear try to become real and she needs to squash them down. She would much rather spend her time looking for the gold nuggets along life’s journey than spending time dwelling in fear of what could be. Fear may come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing remains true, IT CAN BE CONQUERED!

8 thoughts on “Fear, Strength and Conquer

  1. I can honestly say that I have known “Joy” personally for many years and have seen her conquer mountains by laying her fears at the foot of the cross and turning (and clinging) to God for the strength to climb on for yet another day. Excellent post. Walk on, sister!!

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  2. Excellent story! So much harm has been done by those four little words “Your child will never…” And of course it’s all just fear, rather than fact. We don’t even know what we might end up doing in the future, so how can anyone possibly know what a child will do? Life is always full of possibilities.

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    • Thank you very much and EXACTLY!!!!I feel so sorry for the children whose parents listen to the “experts”. Just cause they have a degree, doesn’t mean they are always talking wisely!!!


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