“You can’t do that as good as a boy….”

Good Morning! I have been enjoying these “Anything Goes” posts , always a surprise to see what my readers come up with. Some surprises are more challenging than others, but you all have been doing a great job! With that said, I am in need of more of your Witty Wisdom! Please post below a idea or email me,etc. The rules are simple! Either 3 words to form a story around or a subject. Keep the subject light and besides that have fun and ,”Anything Goes! This subject today was to be about the first time you were told you couldn’t do that as well as a boy. Was suggested by my sweet friend Becca. I had to think for awhile…til I remembered a long ago memory. Hope you enjoy!

The gym class was noisy! 2 ropes were hanging from the ceiling. Trixie was anxiously waiting to begin. Usually she did not like gym class, but when it was rope day, that she enjoyed!! The boys all stood in a group patting themselves on the back and bragging to each other at how fast they could get up the rope. Trixie only smiled, she didn’t have to brag, the truth would be revealed soon. The gym teacher had his timer in his hand as she grabbed the one rope and a boy grabbed the other. He looked at her mockingly and laughed. Trixie knew what he was thinking, that she was so tiny, how could she ever get herself up the long rope. Apparently he had never heard the saying. “Great things come in small packages!” Trixie smirked to herself as she thought, “Yeah, like dynamite!”

“GO!” shouted the gym teacher as he clicked the timer and they were off. The girls were cheering loudly, we all know girls can definitely scream louder than guys! Trixie was speeding up the rope like a monkey, almost at the top. She started to get a little tired, but pushed on. She knew she was in the lead! Yes, she made it! The girls were going wild as the boys were groaning, she just had to go back down now as Billy was still trying to get to the top! She easily came down and as her feet hit the floor,the teacher clicked the timer off! His eyes were shining bright! “Wow, YOU BEAT the Boys record, so much for rope climbing just being for the boys!” Trixie smiled big as her friends hugged her! Most of the boys gave her a wounded pride look but there were the good ones that came over to her and congratulated her saying they were impressed. Trixie knew it would be a little while before the boys would try to tell the girls they couldn’t do some things as good as them!This day was starting out to be a great day, but right now she had to hurry and get to the bathroom! When you gotta go, you gotta go and you will come down that rope lickety split!

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