Sunday’s edition of “Anything Goes”

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you have enjoyed the week-end and are not dreading Monday 🙂 May this keep a smile on your face for a little longer as you enjoy Sunday. My dear friend Charlene gave me the words for this story. Goblins, The Pope, and Wrestling Match. Yeah, definitely see how all them go together! NOT! 🙂 She also added a challenge…;which I can’t tell you or it will give the story away, so will explain at the end. Sit back with your cup of tea and savor the remaining hours of the week-end as you prepare to be front row witnesses to a wrestling match!

Up,Up and AWAY!

Kicking the Fall leaves with her new skinny red boots, she felt happy inside. Tonight she  and her very close friend Charlene were doing something to help  support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This was a huge event! So big that even the Pope was making a point to attend it on his visit to the U.S.

Gia still couldn’t believe Charlen had talked  her into doing this. They always seemed to have a knack for getting themselves into strange situations!! Apparently there were several little kids that wanted to play in a swimming pool filled with jello. The leaders of the organization thought it would be fun if they could witness a jello wrestling match and that is what Charlene had signed them up for. There were others doing other unique things with jello, but they were scheduled for the wrestling match! Gia could only shake her head and chalk this up to one more crazy adventure that would definitely be remembered. One more story to be passed down.  Their families were already placing bets on who would win!

That afternoon Gia’s friends Cassie and Larissa were meeting at Violet’s Diner for lunch. Gia wanted to go, but she had to finish shopping for the condolence gift she was getting for Charlene. She laughed to herself as she thought about what her reaction would be on opening it. And yes, even tho her family doubted her winning, Gia was sure of herself! She would prove to them all!

Her phone went off when she was shopping. It was some texts from Cassie and Larissa. OH NO! thought Gia, as she read how Sherry, their favorite waitress was on duty again. Sherry was another very close friend of Gia’s, and being that she had recently moved, she was getting to know Violet, Cassie and Larissa really well. The drawback was that Sherry  loved regaling them with stories of when her and Gia were roommates. Oh the stories she could tell! The tractor story, the brownies, the garbage man,etc. These stories would keep getting passed down, Gia’s grandchildren would probably hear them when Sherry and her would be racing their wheelchairs down the hallways escaping the nurses.

The time had come. The crowd was already cheering for different jello events that were going on, as Gia was getting ready to dive into a pool of jello. Larissa the wonderful photographer was there to photograph the event. Gia only could hope that she would snap more pictures of Charlene than her! Charlene and Gia shook hands wishing each other well, if Gia would have known what was coming she may would have given her a real tight hug instead! The cheers of the crowd were deafening as the match played out. Gia kept sliding and getting buried in the jello and Charlene could barely stand up from laughing so hard. Gia was telling herself to never fall for one of Charlene’s schemes again!

Amidst the laughter and cheering of the crowd, no one could hear the roaring of the spaceship that was getting closer and closer to appearing right over them. Suddenly they couldn’t ignore the roar anymore, they saw with their own eyes and what was that goblin like creature peeking out of the spaceship?? A ladder was coming out of the spaceship and WOW! Was the goblin actually climbing down it?? The crowd was mesmerized, they didn’t know whether to run or stay! It was getting closer and closer! OH NO! The ladder was hanging right above the pool where Charlene and Gia had long since forgot about the match, as they could only stare. The goblin was still climbing down, he was so close, he could almost touch….WHAT WAS HAPPENING!! He had grabbed Gia and was pulling her back up the ladder with him!! Charlene tried to grab the ladder but was too slippery from the jello! Gia couldn’t believe how quickly she could go from laughing to being scared to death! BUT have no fear, she would prevail! There was no way she was going to be separated from her family and friends!! Yes, TAKE THAT and THAT! She karate chopped the goblin and soon he was scurrying back into the spaceship as quickly as he could. Gia meanwhile had a very soft landing into the pool of jello and Larissa had captured it all on film! Her photography was soon going to become world famous, as the only pictures ever taken of a attempted kidnapping from Space!

The End!

PS. Ok, for the challenge that my friend had given me. Well….I failed 🙂  I was supposed to have a sad ending. I tried, honest I did. In fact I didn’t change it til I was writing it on here, my fingers just moved across the keyboard and typed something different. I had no control Charlene : For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you probably have noticed how its hard for me to write sad endings. Someday I may surprise you, but apparently its not happening tonight 🙂


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