Wednesday’s “Anything Goes”, post…Ballerina, School Board Meeting and Full Moon!

Once again another clever friend pulled it off thinking of 3 words to give me that don’t seem to have anything in common! Read on to see how they become linked 🙂

The Full Moon Reveals All!

Becky almost had all the supper dishes put away, was busy telling her kids to help her. The one trailed into the kitchen as she had 3 dishes yet to do. Taking her hands out of the sudsy soap water she gladly passed the rag to her oldest daughter. She glanced at the time and knew she had to keep moving if she was going to make it to the School Board meeting on time. This was a very important one that she couldn’t miss. Tonight was Election Night!

Some board members felt it was a waste to even vote, for they always knew how it turned out. There were 3 members who always seemed to make sure the vote went the way they wanted it to go! These 3 people could be really charming, especially when you first meet them. Becky watched as they charmed the new people to fall under their spell. Becky prayed that tonight would be different, that people would see through their charm and not be swayed in their voting.

It was time! The speeches had been given and Becky felt sick to her stomach, for it appeared that once again the vote was going to be for the Terrible 3. There just weren’t enough board members that knew how the charm of the Terrible 3, was just a act to get their way!

The voting had begun and the Terrible 3 looked pretty confident of themselves! But wait a minute was something wrong with Becky’s eyes?  What was happening? She looked at her dear friend beside her and she was rubbing her eyes to see if she was seeing what she really saw. The room had become so silent as people watched in amazement. The Terrible 3 were changing their looks! Hair was starting to appear on their faces, ALL over their faces. Thick, shaggy, dark brown hair. Now what were they doing?? They were on their knees and started to HOWL! By now the room was in a uproar, some laughing, some running out of the building and some still glued to their seats as they watched events unfold. One little child had got away from her Mother amidst the commotion and opened the big curtain behind the table. When the others looked out the window there was a GASP! The FULL MOON was shining brightly into the room!

As Becky was driving home she couldn’t stop laughing. The vote went perfectly, due to the Terrible Three being preoccupied by their howling. Not only did the members get elected  that everyone really wanted,  but the Terrible 3 members were voted out. For yes, the Full Moon had revealed all. Revealed the truth about them being Wolves in Sheep’s clothing. They would not be able to charm anyone else again. At least not in this town!

She walked into her house to the music of the Waltz of the Dancing Flowers. Her dear daughter was twirling around the room in her tutu practicing for her upcoming ballet recital. It was late, but Becky sat down to watch, for her heart was light tonight. From now on she didn’t know if she would ever be able to look at a Full Moon again without laughing!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s “Anything Goes”, post…Ballerina, School Board Meeting and Full Moon!

    • Thanks! Glad you liked it 🙂 What is really funny is that the friend who gave me this idea actually did have a board meeting where people were voted out! They did not howl at the moon tho! LOL! But I TRULY did not know that when writing this,she just told me board meeting cause it was in her mind and than she made up the other 2 words 🙂


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