Weekly Photo Challenge – “My Happy Place”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”TropicalShoreBeachFlamingoYes I cheated, these are not my photographs! BUT they truly depict my HAPPY PLACE!! These are from Google. If I could get to the beach as quickly as I can get on Google, trust me I would be THERE!! 🙂 I love the sound of the waves and how they seem to go on forever, I love walking in the sand and listening to the seagulls while I look for shells. Yes, the ocean is where my worries and fears fade away into the large ocean. I figure the ocean is big enough to handle them while I REST AWHILE! Even tho I can’t be there, these pics make me smile and so I hope you forgive me for “cheating” this week 🙂 And hey if any lovely reader wants to make me REAL HAPPY, you easily know what to do, take me to the beach!! We would have a fun road trip together or by plane, I am not picky 🙂 Have a GREAT START to the week everyone and remember even if we can’t be in our Happy place , we still can find a lot to be happy about! So SMILE, takes more muscles to frown and I can’t afford to lose any!

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