Goat, Rubies, Sneakers…Could be the craziest post I have done!

It’s Thursday!! Tomorrow is Friday, YAY! It is time for the “Anything Goes” posts again, and my dear friend Robin definitely took me literally as she gave me these words to form a story around. Goat,Rubies, Sneakers,Tarantula and Root Beer!! Yes, as some of you are quite aware of I HATE spiders and Robin knew that! I did say I wanted these stories to help stretch me, Ha! So sit back and enjoy a tale,not sure how it will go but I can practically guarantee you that the tarantula will die!!

  The Goat that wore Sneakers

It was a the first day of Fall and a lovely day. Robin was excited for Fall meant Winter was on its way and she loved Winter! Fall was her second best season, pumpkins, spice and everything nice that made up Fall she loved. She was looking out the window that morning as she was finishing her second cup of Pumpkin Spice tea, gazing at the leaves of gold dancing in her lawn. Her peace was suddenly interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

Opening the door she was met by the sullen face of Mrs.Gray, Robin knew immediately why she was standing there looking so glum and didn’t even let her speak, just said,”What did he do now?”

“Cmon Bojangles, you have to move it or else old lady Gray is NOT going to be happy!” Robin was pulling as hard as she could to tempt Bojangles away from Miss.Gray’s open bedroom window. As she pulled him away she took the ruby necklace out of his mouth! He had snatched it from Miss.Gray’s dresser. He loved pretty, sparkly things. Robin just shook her head, Bojangles was very special to her, but he kept running away visiting Miss.Gray, who did NOT want a visit!

When they got back to Robin’s place Bojangles kept braying, Robin knew what he wanted, but didn’t think he deserved it, after his little outing. She spoiled Bo tho, since it was just the 2 of them and went inside to get his favorite drink. Soon he was lapping up the bottle of Root Beer and if a goat can smile, he was smiling. Robin would say she could see it. He also really liked Birch Beer! Unfortunately Miss.Gray and him had that in common and YUP he had been known to take bottles of Birch Beer off her back porch. She would bring out a bottle to read on her porch and Bojangles would just wait for the perfect moment to snatch it away!

Yes Bo knew how to frustrate Miss.Gray for sure and frustrate Robin, but Robin had to laugh at some of the things he had done. She knew that even dour Miss.Gray was laughing a little inside when he had got tangled in her clothesline and her Ruby Red sneakers had fallen on each of his ears. He was a sight to see for sure!

A few days passed in peace, Bo was content to stay put and drink his root bear and there had been no angry knocks on Robin’s door! Once again Robin was sitting at her table with a cup of English Toffee Tea this time. OH NO! That can’t be Miss.Gray knocking again! She knew that her days of peace had come to a abrupt end. She took a deep breath as she prepared to meet Miss.Gray’s angry, red face.  Wait! What was this?  Miss.Gray actually had a Big Smile on her face! She was wearing a smile and Bo was wearing her Ruby necklace around his neck!! Something didn’t make sense!

Robin couldn’t stop laughing, it appeared that Bo had made a friend for life in Miss.Gray, she felt such relief as Miss.Gray told her the story. A story  that totally changed her view of Bojangles!

Miss.Gray was out reading on her back porch again and Bo was around the corner  waiting for another chance to snatch her Birch Beer away. Miss.Gray yelled at him to get away, but he didn’t move. She was gonna go get Robin, but was too deeply into her book and didn’t feel like moving, so she just ignored him. As she reached for her bottle of Birch Beer she felt something fuzzy and screamed! Her eyes were wide with fright as she looked and saw a tarantula’s beady eyes staring at her, OH how she hated spiders, ESPECIALLY Tarantulas! She flung her hand so hard the tarantula went flying onto her ruby red sneaker! SNAP! Bojangles had come running for he had seen the bottle of Birch beer be dropped spilling on her sneaker. In one snap of his jaws the Tarantula was snapped up. Bo did NOT share his Birch Beer! He snapped the spider away and proceeded to lick up the Birch Beer as Miss.Gray smiled down at him in GREAT RELIEF! Now on most warm days you can see Miss.Gray and Bojangles together on the back porch. Miss.Gray reading and Bo contently drinking out of his bucket of Birch Beer.


8 thoughts on “Goat, Rubies, Sneakers…Could be the craziest post I have done!

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! It was fun writing it, tho I truly didn’t have a clue to what was going to happen 🙂 I do like Bo now, think I want to tell my hubby he needs to buy me a goat! LOL!


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