Icecream, Girlfriends and a Slap!

Time again for “Anything Goes”, where the readers pick the topic for me to do a story around. So go get yourself a bowl of ice cream and some Hot Fudge topping with a cherry on top and enjoy this tale πŸ™‚ Thanks to my good friend Ameena for this suggestion. You can check out her blog randomsbyarandom her posts will definitely touch your heart!!!

Dandelion Wishes

Ameena was looking forward to tonight. A night out with girls, what could be more fun? Well OK, maybe if she was going out with a real HOT guy riding in a sparkling red convertible, with her hair blowing in the wind, that might override the excitement of a girls night. She absently picked up a dandelion from the ground and made a silent wish as she blew on it. Looking at her watch, she realized she better hurry if she was going to be ready on time.

He was getting ready, but didn’t know why. A friend of his had invited him to play some pool at the new ice cream parlor that had opened up. Can’t say he was in the mood for pool, but nothing else better to do. He was getting over a tough heartbreak. His friend told him that he thought he had been fishing long enough and timeΒ  to put up his rod and try something new to bring back his smile! So Landon was getting ready but not making any promises to his friend. HONK! Blew the horn, his friend was here. Landon ran out the door and dropped his wallet, bent to pick it up and saw a dandelion.As he picked it up heΒ  did something he hadn’t done since he had been a boy. Took a breath, made a wish and blew!

Ameena was having a great time, she had such AWESOME friends! This double scoop of banana fudge ice cream along with a 2 scoops of peanut butter ice cream, smothered in Marshmellow cream was making her taste buds dance with JOY! Her friends were joking and as Ameena was getting red, she raised her hand to playfully slap her friend. Unfortunately her friend saw it coming andΒ  ducked.SLAP went Ameena’sΒ  hand as it made connection with a dish of ice cream, that went shattering to the floor. Her face was so hotΒ  as she stammered to apologize, she quickly got up and was bending down to pick up the broken dish. She picked it up and made eye contact for the first time with the person who had been carrying the ice cream. Immediately her face grew at least 10 more shades of deeper red. She was looking into such a charming face, his eyes sparkled. He wasn’t mad. He smiled and said, “I wasn’t in the mood for ice cream anyway.”

Soon Landon and his buddy had joined them at their table. Ameena’s face was slowly going back to its real color. If her friends would stop talking with their eyes and making the silent facial expressions that only girls can understand, she may be OK. Landon didn’t seem nervous, but he didn’t talk much. Every time she would look up from her ice cream, his ocean blue eyes would be on hers, which would once again bring the fire redness back to her cheeks. Why did she have to blush so easily??

At last Landon spoke, “Hey, what would you say to a game of pool? Have you played much?” AmeenaΒ  chuckled to herself, for he didn’t realize what he was asking. Before she could answer her friend Sherry spoke up,”She would love for you to show her how its done!” Ameena’sΒ  mouth opened as she looked at Sherry and saw the sly wink she sent her way. HerΒ  mouth shut and a playful smile came to her face thinking this could be fun.

They were halfway into the game and Landon’s mouth just kept opening and shutting without saying a word, he could only gasp at the plays Ameena was making. He knew he had been taken and the tables had turned, now his face was turning vibrant shades of red! After 3 games he surrendered and decided to quit to at least try to save some of his pride. “You know what?” Ameena said, “Doesn’t the loser usually treat the winner to ice cream?” His eyes sparkled with laughter as heΒ  said he was actually getting hungry, considering the floor had eaten his banana split. Ameena smiled as she promised to share. 4 scoops of Coffee was her request. “COFFEE!”, Landon made a face. “Thanks for the offer to share, but I prefer to ENJOY my ice cream so I will have Black Cherry. ” Ameena laughed, “Suit yourself, you are the one paying.” Her laughter still rang in his ears as she walked away to get a seat. His heart felt a renewed joy spreading in it. Who said Dandelion wishes can’t come true?

20 thoughts on “Icecream, Girlfriends and a Slap!

      • Have you tried the Talenti brand salted caramel coffee ice cream? OH MY GOSH it’s amazing. I refuse to pay full price because it’s ridiculously expensive for ice cream, but when it’s on sale, yes honey yes. It’s sooooooo good.

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    • You have my taste buds watering now! I have got to get that! Wonder if they have it around here, but I sure am checking! I told my hubby and he just didn’t have the excitement that I did! LOL!


  1. This is officially the best gift ever! I have story with my name in it. You just made my day Joy, I was laughing my wits. And you know, i could do with dandelion and a hit guy too πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. Love Love love this πŸ™Œ. I’m sure I’ll be smiling all day when I remember this.

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    • SOOOO glad you liked it πŸ™‚ I was wishing I could have seen your face as you read it! I think you need to start stalking ice cream parlors to find your guy πŸ™‚ And out of curiousness have you ever played the game of Pool?? Keep that smile all day, you deserve it! πŸ™‚ ❀

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  2. Reblogged this on Randoms by a Random and commented:
    Guess who has a story with “her” as the central character? Yup, this Random! Courtesy of my dear friend Joy. 3 hints- ice dream, girlfriends and a slap- go figure! Alright no more spoilers, this story brightened up my day and I hope it does the Same to you too. And btw, I could do with an ice cream and a hot guy, just saying πŸ˜€

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