The Music of My Life!

Happy Sunday! Time for another edition of “Anything Goes”, where you pick the topic. This time I was challenged to write about my life to music. Sorry you won’t hear any music on here but you are welcome to go to YouTube to check out the songs I list if you want. This was challenging as I wasn’t exactly sure how to narrow it down for there is so much music that I love! Wasn’t exactly sure how to frame a story around this, but gave it my best shot. Hopefully you enjoy, and hey maybe you will be introduced to some new songs that you never heard ๐Ÿ™‚ If you are also a fan of some of the songs I list, let me know in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

The Music of My Life

I guess the very beginning of music in my life would be the lullaby’s when I was a wee baby.ย  I remember those special times in the rocking chair nestling my little ones as I rocked and sang. Lullaby’s speak love and I know I felt the love from my Mom when I was small. I will say tho as I recalled some of the more common lullaby’s,ย  wonder about the love they spoke. I mean really” Rock a bye Baby in the tree top, when the wind blows the cradle will rock and when the bough breaks the cradle will fall and down will come baby cradle and all!” Gee, what a soothing vision to have in your head. Or what aboutย  this one, which I know I sang to my girls. “Hush little baby don’t say a word, Mama’s going to buy you a mocking bird and ifย  that mocking bird don’t sing, Mama’s going to buy you a diamond ring….”ย  Please fess up, who all have bought your precious babies a mocking bird or a diamond ring?? ๐Ÿ™‚ I couldn’t sing the whole song when they got a little older, for at a very young age my daughter had a strong love for horses and when she would hear the line about buy you a horse and cart she would get all excited!

As I grew into a child I remember lots of Bible songs. Songs that have been around for generations and that I passed down to my girls. ” This Little Light of Mine”, that stands out to me as I hope to let my Light shine to the world. I want to bring joy, hope, and peace to people in the midst of what can sometimes be a CHAOTIC life! I still remember all the motions to the “If I was Butterfly,”songย  and remember singing it on the porch swing with my girls. Yes they still remember it ๐Ÿ™‚ I really believe that when we are little the songs we sing stick with us forever! What songs do you remember from your childhood?

Reaching my pre teen years I was a little old to do the motions to those bible songs anymore and started listening to Michael W. Smith. The first concert I ever went to was his. He is still one of my all time favorites. His song Friends which if you haven’t heard you MUST look up has stood the test of time. Friends are SUCH an IMPORTANT part of my life and saying goodbyes are hard! Carman was another dynamic singer who could give me goosebumps when he sang Champion. Twila Paris had a beautiful voice and still does, lovely worship music, and her song “Warrior is a Child”, helped me a lot over the time my brother died.

When I entered High School I added more Pop and Country music to my music repretoire. Who can forget The Eagles, “Broken Wings” or The Bangles, and “Manic Monday”. I definitely felt that way some Mondays. What about “Let’s hear it for the boys”, by Deniece Williams. A lot of the Pop songs today just can’t compare, but don’t worry I am a fan of some Pop music today, just really liked the 80’s!ย  Can’t really beat the Country Greats, like Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, Alabama and Reba McEntire. Listened to “Coward of the County”, I don’t know how many times and “Lucille” and “The Gambler” or “Islands in the Stream”. Don’t think there is any songs by Alabama or Reba that I don’t like!

The older I got and the more I started thinking about guys the more interested I was in Love songs of course. I know, all the men out there are rolling their eyes. Ha! Just “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” ๐Ÿ™‚ I am sure someone reading this post knows who that song is by, right?? Will leave it blank and see. And how about this one, “Your the Inspiration!”, by another one of my favorite groups. Of course my dear friend who gave me this idea for a post would be SO DISAPPOINTED if I didn’t mention the AWESOME group of Air Supply! ๐Ÿ™‚ There wasn’t a song by them that I didn’t like either and YES, you have gotta look them up if you haven’t heard of them. Right Dee? ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I know you are rolling your eyes at me!

The list just continues on, Rod Stewart, “Have I told you lately”, and Bryan Adams! Oh when I worked at a restaurant the cashier there got to see him in concert, I remember being so jealous! How could you not love his songs?ย  Celine Dion still makes me smile! “Power of Love” is probably one of my favorites by her.

I still listen to a wide variety of music, different types of music speak to me in different ways. Through the hard times in my life I have listened to “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson MANY times! I got to go to her concert this past year and she really is a sweet, down to earth lady! It was in the summer when we went to the concert under the perfect sky. It was a nice break from what had been a stressful time and trust me the song Stronger I could sing very heartily! I cannot leave out the other songs that I have listened to repeatedly going through life’s storms. If you are in a hard place right now, I encourage you to look up these songs! “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North. Was first introduced to that song when laying in the hospital dealing with the effects of a mild stroke. Tears ran down my cheeks as the words said exactly how I felt. “Praise you in the Storm” by Casting Crowns has carried me through many storms and their new song, “Just be Held” has held me together in heartbreaking times. “The Hurt and The Healer”, is another great one by Mercy Me.

I could make this post so much longer and still couldn’t possibly list all the songs I love and that have been around for different periods in my life. Shortly before my wedding I remember my Dad coming in my room and we danced to ,”Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A ” for I was so very happy! “Butterfly Kisses”, became a very popular Father and Daughter Dance song and if it would have been out before we got married, it would have definitely been played at our reception. It’s hard to know how to wrap this up, but think I will end with saying how thankful I am to the talented musicians and songwriters out there! The songs have touched my soul and I look forward to seeing what new songs I will be putting in my favorites collection. Oh can’t do a post about music without mentioning Celtic Woman!! Really hope to go to one of their concerts someday! Their music is so soothing to the spirit

I decided I should put at least one song in here for you to listen to, so will end with one I haven’tย  mentioned yet This is my Fight song! May it inspire all of you in the different battles you fight. Being that the purpose of my blog is to help others find the gold nuggets in life amidstย  the rocks, sand and dirt, that life throws at you, I will leave you with theย  FIGHT song ๐Ÿ™‚ A song to encourage you to keep going and not to give up! The bucket of gold nuggets could be right around the corner.


4 thoughts on “The Music of My Life!

  1. Oh C!!!!!!! I have a lump in my throat and goosebumps on my entire body! It is CRAZY how music can do this. We have sooo many similar song memories! And Fight song gets me every time and is my current FAVE! When you mentioned “Happiest Girl in the Whole USA”…. I couldn’t believe anyone else remembered that and it brought back crazy memories. And butterfly kisses. And lullaby to my boys…. Oh – the memories you evoked. Hugs and butterfly kisses ๐Ÿ™‚ my sweet friend!


  2. Once again I knew we were kindred spirits ๐Ÿ™‚ SO HAPPY to read your comments , LOVE that this post brought back so many memories for you! You helped make me a HAPPY Girl tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ And tomorrow morning we will be saying..” Oh why did I move that darn jangled clock so far from the bed, just one more minute, that’s why I moved it….:) Hugs and love back to you my friend ๐Ÿ™‚ <3!


  3. Just for the record, I’m a guy and “I Can’t Fight This Feeling” is one of my guilty pleasures. Thanks for sharing music’s role in your life. I feel strongly about how just the right song can cement a feeling, a moment, a relationship, a memory.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. LOL! I had to go re-read what I wrote as to why you said “Just for the record, I’m a guy..” I should have clarified that there are guys out there that KNOW what great music love songs are! My husband is one of them ๐Ÿ™‚ He does prefer the rocking songs, but still likes the love songs. REO Speedwagon is great! You are so right about the impact of the right song!! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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