Dancing, Clouds/Sky and Explosions!

Good Morning, did the title grab your attention? πŸ™‚ It grabbed my attention when my friend gave me these words as a suggestion for “Anything Goes” topics. At least Clouds and Sky go together πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy my story and may today find you Dancing, for FRIDAY is almost here!

Dancing, Clouds/Sky, and Explosions!

The sky was a brilliant blue, one of those days that you want to snap a picture so you can savor the moment. The clouds looked so fluffy, like Jet puffed marshmellows and you wanted to lay in the grass again, like when you were little. Lay in the grass and stare at the sky making up in your mind what things the clouds looked like. No time for day dreaming today tho, the BIG Concert was tonight and with you being the manager, you had to make sure everything was perfect!

Jennifer was busy eating lemons to help her voice,since she was suffering from a sore throat. Hopefully she would make it through the night! She had a beautiful voice, it could be soft like a lullaby and than build up exploding into a high pitched tone that just may shatter glasses. The drummer tho was the one that stole the show most of the time. He would amaze the crowds with tricks with his sticks as he still managed to keep the beat to the music.His drum solos would have everyone on their feet dancing. Not to be outdone was the guitarist Chris. He was such a smooth player and usually had a trick or 2 up his sleeve also to impress the crowd. Sometimes him and the drummer would go back and forth like a battling duo and the crowd would get into cheering for their favorite. You smiled to yourself as you knew which one was your favorite of course, for he was your hubby!

It was July 4th so there was a big fireworks display scheduled for right after the concert. Due to that you expected their largest crowd ever. You weren’t disappointed as you saw the field getting filled up with rows of people, almost like rows of corn.

“How is your voice Jennifer?” , “It is ready to explode into song”, she said as she smiled and guzzled down the last cup of lemon juice.

Everything seemed ready to start it was almost 7:00 on the dot. You reminded Chris to not destroy his guitar again, for the next one he destroyed he was buying. His fancy tricks usually ended up with something happening to the guitar! The crowd loved it, so you didn’t mind it too much. He gave a coy smile as he reassured you, which you weren’t too sure about!

“How is my all time favorite drummer?” the smile lighted up your face as you gazed into his eyes. “Ready for an explosive show!” he said back as he stole a Good Luck Kiss. “Lets save the explosions for after the show with the Fireworks please!”

The show was going great, the crowd was loving it! It was about time for the finale and than the grand finale with the fireworks!Β  Jennifer was belting out her song higher than she ever had and WHOA, what just happened! Sounded like glass shattering! Sure enough, it was! Someone had set up a stand near the stage with glasses of freshly squeezed lemonade for sale. Well now 5 of the glasses were shattered due to Jennifer’s explosive voice! Guess that lemon juice really did the trick!

Now what was happening?? Chris had turned around to get a new guitar and than laid it down and walked away and Brad was walking away from his drum set?? What were they doing? The crowd was confused as well. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!! Fireworks were leaping out of the guitar! The drum was surrounded by like a halo of fireworks and what looked like a B exploded into the sky at the same time that a fiery red C went up from Chris’s guitar! The crowd was going wild as you stood there almost too shocked to move! They sure did outdo themselves this time and Brad’s words about having an EXPLOSIVE time and Chris’s coy smile came back to your mind.Β  No wonder Jennifer said she was ready to EXPLODE into song! You had to smile, you never knew what to expect from this group! But hey you had some tricks up your sleeve to which they would find out about on the upcoming tour! Haha! Have to keep life exciting!


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