Which would you choose?

Emotions are powerful things! They define us, and its something we are showing every minute of the day. So if you had to choose, which emotion would you give up? Wait! Don’t be too quick to answer, may not be as easy as you think and you may take back the first thing that pops out of your mouth. I did!

I was given this topic for my series of “Anything Goes” posts by my sweet friend, fellow blogger Jodi from LIfeinBetween and it made me think.I had to ponder it awhile but this is how I chose.

Sadness is what was on the tip of my tongue, when I first read Jodi’s question. It seemed like a natural choice, for who likes to be sad?? The problem is that age old statement that rings with truth. You can’t really enjoy the Mountaintops of Happiness as much , without having gone through the deep valleys of sorrow! As much as we wish we could, we can’t. Its so much more heartwarming to be rejoicing and celebrating when you know that you made it through the tough times. Plus how could we be there for a sad friend, if we ourselves couldn’t feel sadness? How could we empathize with them if we never knew how it felt to have our heart break? Yes, as tempting as it sounds I will have to decline on living without sadness.

Next to come to my mind was anger. That was a good one I thought. Not to have my blood pressure rise, not to be telling myself Count to 10, Ok count to 50, Just BREATHE! We have all been there, another emotion that is not exactly fun. Once again tho it does serve a purpose. How would it be if when our children got treated very badly by someone we would just smile and say,That’s Ok? I am talking about true injustice, not just ,”Mommy he pulled my hair”, type of stories. Isn’t there a time when we need to stand up for justice. When we need to let anger push us to resolve a situation? What about all the injustice that goes on in the world? It isΒ  the people that feel really upset by the circumstances that takeΒ  what measures they can to help. I am thinking of the people who are dedicated to help stop Human Trafficking, the ones who help to protect women and fight Domestic Violence. The Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the list goes on. There have been many great organizations that got their start by being fueled by someone’s righteous anger. So while I do try my best to not let little things anger me, anger can be a emotion that you need. Anger is not bad in itself, its what we do with our anger that can create big problems!

I finally decided on Jealousy! I could give up jealousy. What purpose does that serve, except to make you feel discontent with your life. Oh that person has a nicer house, a nicer car, they go on fancy vacations,they have such nice clothes, etc. The list can go on and on when we start making comparisons and let the Green Eyed Monster of Jealousy grab hold of us. Sure you will always find people that have it better than you, BUT…what we fail to remember a lot, is that there are a WHOLE LOT of people that have it worse than us! So I embrace contentment and if I had to choose, would gladly give up being tempted at times with the emotion of jealousy.

Thanks Jodi for this challenge and remember let your thoughts below, what would you choose? There is no wrong answer!

15 thoughts on “Which would you choose?

  1. I would suggest that jealousy/envy would be the ideal emotion to dump if you had the choice (good decision on your part!) however, I am not so sure about embracing contentment. If we are totally content, would we have any drive to improve? If we are content with our social circle, would we ever expand it? If we are content with our blogging expertise, would we ever seek to improve it? If we are content with our charitable side, would we ever try to be more charitable? Contentment would seem to have limitations, but what to replace it with? Perhaps we should not replace contentment, but simply qualify it as “an appreciation of what we have”? I think that works for me! πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks so much for reading and for sharing your thoughts.I never thought of it that way, but you make great points! I would say now that yes I an appreciation of what we have works for me also! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks so much for reading and for sharing your thoughts.I never thought of it that way, but you make great points! I would say now that yes I an appreciation of what we have works for me also! πŸ™‚


  2. I may hang on to a smidgen of jealousy as it serves a purpose as well. One definition of jealousy is a vigilance in maintaining or guarding something. Perhaps we need a little “jealousy” in order to guard our hearts, home and families. I think I choose to give up apathy…..”the lack of feeling, emotion, interest or concern. Apathy is a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation, and or compassion.” I guess what I’m saying is that I choose not to give up ANY emotion, as they each have an important function in our lives. πŸ˜†

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    • Thanks for reading and I heartily agree with you about insecurity! Makes me think of Christopher Robin’s saying. You are Smarter, Stronger and Braver than you think! Not quoted exactly right the meaning is there πŸ™‚


  3. When I saw this, the first emotion that came to mind was anger, but then you gave a petty good defence for it. I would be mad if I was severely wronged and my loved ones go all “aww, it’s alright” :D. Now I don’t know which to choose cause it seems we need all

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    • Yup, you got my point about the anger one πŸ™‚ It does seem natural to choose that one, but yeah there is a righteous anger. If I redid this post I would choose what my friend told me that came to her. I was beginning to think what you had said about us needing them all after having it pointed out how jealousy can be good in some ways. She said how she would pick bitterness! Bitterness can do such damage to our hearts and try as I might I can’t see any good to it. You can see people that have held onto bitterness for so long and it has made them miserable.


  4. How deep and profound, thank you!

    Also enjoyed your Great eclectic recall of music … Know some very well and others might be invoked if I heard them.

    Here’s a writing challenge for when you exhaust other ideas – ‘Arrived’ and only what you can write in 20 minutes. Look forward to reading it!

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