Sunday’s edition of “You pick the topic”

Hope you all are having a relaxing, fun week-end! This past week in Thursday’s post “Out of your comfort zone” I shared an idea that a friend had given me for a post. It was something that I would have never picked to do a story on so it stretched me, but was fun to see that I could do it. I decided to have Thursday be a day for stories on suggestions that my friends give me. All suggestions will be accepted, yes I am being brave! πŸ™‚ I asked for suggestions on Facebook and got a good response. I got such a good response that I decided to go ahead and do the first suggestion today. So here you go, ENJOY! And when you read the title, trust me your face will probably look the same as mine did!Β  When I first read what my friend posted, I thought no way! But hey I said anything, either a specific topic or words to do a story around. She took me literally for sure! Gotta love your friends! πŸ™‚

Virtual Pokes – Compost – Classical Music

2 friends were chatting as they were strolling along the dirt road on a Sunday afternoon. They were coming back from a fun day of fishing at the creek. As they were approaching a bend in the road the one girl turned to her friendΒ  and said, “Let’s walk a little faster!”, “What is your hurry?, said her friend. “I want to get past that spooky farmhouse as quickly as possible!” “Why! I always liked that farmhouse with the vibrant blue shutters and lovely wraparound porch.” Her friend paused and motioned her to sit down by the corner of the road. “Haven’t you ever heard the tale about that house?” Maria gave her friend a curious look and said, “No, what tale?” As her friend divulged the secret tale to her, Maria’s knees began to wobble, but at the same time she was very curious.

When Sally finished the tale, Maria took off running towards the farmhouse. She stopped and hesitated only for a minute before going to the backyard. Sally called out to her to stop. When she saw she wasn’t listening, she ran harder to catch up. “Wh, Wh, Why did you come here?” As they both stood outside the rickety latched gate the wind suddenly began to blow very hard. The harder it blew the more dread filled their bodies. They wanted to run but felt frozen to the spot. Their eyes grew huge as they saw and heard it at the same time! Running at full speed they took off for the direction of home! Maria’s zebra stripedΒ  flip flop flew off but she didn’t even stop to pick it up.

Later that night Maria was at her computer when she overheard her Dad talking to her Mom. “Hey Honey remember that abandoned old farmhouse with the wraparound porch that you love?” “Yes”, said her Mom. “Well it got put up for sale again, maybe we should take a look at it.”

Maria could notΒ  believe her ears Her parents were actually thinking of moving to that farmhouse!Β  The one haunted by the ghost of Angela!Β  Angela’s ghost was believed to live under the compost pile in the backyard. It was told that when the wind blew hard, the shutters would rattle and her ghost would rise and sing a haunting melody. It was from a well known classical piece and she did have a beautiful voice. The voice made goosebumps arise from your skin. OH Maria had to stop thinking. She had to do something mindless, like poking friends on Facebook. Anything to get that ghastly image of Angela’s ghost rising from the compost pile out of her mind. POKE, POKE, POKE! She put headphones on to try to rid her mind of the haunting voice her and Sally had heard that afternoon. POKE, POKE, POKE, this wasn’t working! What was she to do??

21 thoughts on “Sunday’s edition of “You pick the topic”

  1. Hee hee, now you’ve got me wondering how on earth a ghost would end up living under a compost pile! Was she an obsessive gardener, or did she die in a tragic farm accident when a truck loaded with compost overturned?


  2. Haha! Fun story:) You did such a great job at bringing in such strange words/ideas together. Kind of like those cooking shows where they bring in a mystery ingredient to incorporate to a delicious recipe. Your “recipe” was delightful:p

    Liked by 1 person

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