Out of your comfort zone

A while back my friend and I were talking via Facebook and he was complimenting me on my writing. I said how I enjoyed writing like he does photography. It’s a passion! In our talking he challenged me to write about something different. Take a step out of my comfort zone.Β  I was like Ok, give me a topic and I will write about it. Didn’t realize how brave I was being. Well his topic was a snake, leeches and a dead body! This is why you shouldn’t ask men for topics to write about! LOL! As this Thursday dawns and my mind is blank I thought I would share it.Β  It also is appropriate as this marks a year since I started blogging. Hard to believe! I was taking the Writing 101 course when I was talking with my friend and that course led me on this incredible, fun journey of blogging. Thanks to all my faithful readers and new ones for enjoying this journey with me.

This story may be a little different from the first time I wrote it for I am writing it from memory, but I still think you will enjoy it. Maybe Thursdays will turn out to be my “Give me a Topic” day. It could be scary asking my friends for suggestions, BUT don’t know if anything can be scarier than snakes, leeches and dead bodies! I also should add that when he gave me the suggestion he had said about the leeches being on the snake, I had forgot that point πŸ™‚

It was a beautiful Fall day. Cherie was getting ready to go on a hike and picnic with her dear husband. Taking some time out to enjoy the beautiful leaves this time of year and some time together. By mid-morning they were ready to head out. It was a relaxing walk, holding hands and hearing the leaves crunching beneath their feet. Watching them dance in the wind when it would blow and lift them up in all their colorful array. A photographer’s dream as they swirled about.

After awhile their stomachs started rumbling and Cherie suggested they stop for their picnic. Sam was more than happy to and he put down the picnic basket as he spread out the blanket. As Cherie opened the basket a high pitched shrill emanated from her and Sam was doubling over with laughter. How could he be laughing Cherie thought, as her heart raced and she cried, “SNAKE!” She quickly slammed the top of the picnic basket down. Sam in all his bravery came over to the basket and calmly opened it and picked up the black, beady eyed “snake”. Cherie saw the gleam in his eye and vowed that he would pay, as he was laughing once again holding the rubber snake!

After their stomachs were full they took a walk around the lake, Sam saw the mischievous glint in Cherie’s eyes so he made sure to walk on the other side of her not right by the lake. In case she might make him “accidentally” stumble into the lake! Cherie found a nice log in the shallow water that she sat on as the sun basked down on her. Sam was busy finishing exploring the lake. Before she knew it her eyes closed and she was dozing. What was that? What was that itchy feeling on her legs? She was rubbing her eyes as she awoke and reached down to scratch her leg. Another scream came out of her mouth and she quickly jumped up doing a jig! Apparently her restful log had been inhabited by leeches! They were crawling on her legs and she was dancing and swatting as fast as she could! Sam came running wondering what was going on. Cherie informed him that she thinks she had enough of the outdoors today, was time to go home. Sam was good about listening to her as he gathered up the basket and blanket, but she saw the smile he was trying to hide.

Back home Cherie took a very refreshing shower and was thinking of the yummy Double Chocolate Cake waiting for her. Her fright over the leeches kept her from going back for dessert as had been planned earlier. That was OK, they could now relax on the cozy couch in their living room by the crackling fire as they enjoyed their dessert.

When she came out to the kitchen she heard the TV coming from the living room. Oh she hoped he had put on a nice romantic movie or a comedy would be fine. She grabbed a plate and started cutting the cake. “Hey Honey, you have to see this?” She grabbed her plate and went to the couch. A commercial was on presently and she asked what he was watching. ” It’s a mystery,” answered Sam. “They found this dead body and…. Hey, where are you going?”


6 thoughts on “Out of your comfort zone

  1. I once belonged to a writing group that had challenges like this all the time. What I liked about it was that even when a topic is outside the comfort zone, usually there is some way of dealing with it that is not obvious at first, but ends up being fun to write anyway! You don’t like creepy things, so instead of writing horror, you wrote a funny story about a character who gets creeped out easily. Good solution! And I agree with your friend that it’s a good exercise in finding other perspectives.

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  2. Ha ha ha! I really enjoyed reading this one. What a prompt! Snakes, leeches and a dead body!!
    I am officially declaring Thursdays on your blog as ‘Give me a Topic’ day πŸ˜€
    Your topic from me is, ‘My First Crush’!! πŸ™‚
    Accept or Reject. If you reject, I will give you a new one. Only two chances allowed.

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